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“Should I Send my Teen to Rehab?”

Having the question “Should I send my Teen to rehab?” is an eye opener to many parents. Many say that drug and alcohol experimentation is normal for teens. Despite the endless talks to educate your children on the dangers of drug and alcohol use it seems peer pressures and natural curiosity win. This brings us back to the question “Should I send my Teen to rehab?”. How do we know as parents when our teens experimentation is getting out of control and in need of treatment? First you must know what substance abuse and addiction are to determine if your child needs help.

What is Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Substance abuse it the regular use of a substance such as alcohol or drugs. With alcohol abuse the individual will most likely binge drink, which is having 3 or more drinks in one night on a regular basis. Drug abuse could be smoking marijuana on a regular basis. The individual is not addicted to the substance, they can stop using at any point without experiencing withdrawal symptoms or craving, however they choose not to. Those abusing a substance on a regular bases are developing a tolerance, requiring more and more of the substance to achieve the desired effects. The longer they use drugs and/or alcohol or a regular basis is leading them up to developing an addiction.

Many suffering from substance abuse are able to stop its use on their own. However the assistance of an inpatient or outpatient treatment program can help them work through their substance abuse problem as well as any underlying causes.

Adolescent Addiction

Addiction is the physical and mental dependency on a substance such as alcohol or drugs. Those suffering from an addiction are faced with the uncontrollable urge to use more and more drug and/or alcohol despite the negative effects it has on themselves or those closest to them. When abruptly stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol the individual will experience painful withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings that often sends them back to drugs and/or alcohol for comfort.

Those suffering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction will require the assistance of a Rehab to work through their addiction. There they will receive a variety of services to successfully recover from addiction such as:

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Medical Detox
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Behavioral Modification Therapy

Does your teen have a substance abuse or addiction problem?

While many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol they do not have a substance abuse or addiction problem. However if your teen does show signs of having a substance abuse or addiction problems sending them to a teen rehab can give them hope and the ability to live a clean and sober lifestyle.