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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Alaska

Alcohol abuse among Alaskans has been and continues to be a struggle. In 2007 Alaska ranked 6th in the nation for for binge drinking, and 8th for heavy drinking. Now known alcohol abuse in Alaska has been coupled with drug abuse. Studies from SAMHSA in December 2008 show that Alaska has had the highest past year of marijuana use amongst all age groups. Age groups of 12+ and 12-17 had the highest past year illicit drug dependence. The past month illicit drug use was one of the highest in the nation for age groups 12+ and 26+.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Alaska

In Alaska, grant funded alcohol and drug rehab programs have provided services to over 20,000 Alaskans every year. This shows Alaska is aware of the alcohol and drug abuse and is aggressively seeking drug and alcohol treatment for its citizens. A reported 70 drug and alcohol treatment centers were available in 2006. Of these 39 are private non-profit and 5 are private for-profit. 13 facilities are owned and operated by tribal governments, and 10 facilities offer treatments in American Indian as well as Alaska Native languages.

Alaska Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

Studies show that the number of alcohol and drug treatment centers in Alaska has decreased from 87-70. The primary reason being the decline in private non-profit facilities from 58-38. 57 of the 70 drug and alcohol rehab centers in Alaska offer some form of outpatient treatment. 26 facilities offer a form of residential care, and 3 facilities offer methadone treatment.

People seeking treatment for for opiate addictions may have to look outside of their local area for help. In Alaska only two centers along with 21 doctors were buprenorphine certified. In Alaska over 80% of the drug and alcohol treatment centers receive some kind of public funding, also, 16 facilities had agreements or contracts with managed care organizations, which increases the chances of receiving treatment.