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Rehab Programs in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Fairbanks is the second largest city in the state of Alaska with a total population of 97,581 according to the 2010 United States Census. The city straddles the Chena River, near its confluence with the Tanana River, in the central Tanana Valley. Fairbanks is home to the oldest college in Alaska, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Fairbanks, Alaska

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem throughout the United States and Fairbanks is no exception. A large number of Fairbanks residents have found themselves addiction to a prescription medication. Most were prescribed the medication of a legitimate health condition. In time developed a tolerance, requiring more to feel some sort of pain, anxiety or depression relief, their bodies begin to become dependent and the addiction grows. Others intentional misuse prescription medication with the intentions to get high, long term abuse leading to addiction. Which ever way the addiction occurred the abuser may need the help of a treatment program to successfully quit. In fact, Prescription drugs account for the second most commonly abused category of drugs. There are three main prescription drug catagories that are commonly abused; Opioids, Central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and Stimulants.

Prescription Drug Addict

Prescription drug addicts use medications in a way other than for which they were originally prescribed for or to a much greater extent, in large doses, for a high. The addict will begin to depend on the drugs to “feel better” and experience cravings for the medication in between doses. Prescription drug abusers often complain of vague symptoms to get more medication.  When other treatment options are available they will show no interest and avoid them. Often seeing several doctors and/or pharmacies to get more pills, users will beg barrow and steal prescription pills prescribed. The addiction overwhelms them, they will continue use of the medication despite the negative consequences, such as relationship difficulties, problems with employment, and the health risks involved in chronic use.

There is help out there…

Prescription drug addiction does not only affect the addict, their friends and family are suffering with them. The addiction takes over ones life, changing them for the worst. The will beg, barrow and steal in order to fulfill their addiction, get their next high. They may experience Anxiety, Depression, Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, as well as withdrawal symptoms when stopping it use, this makes it seem impossible to quit, fueling the addiction further.

There are Rehab Programs in Fairbanks, Alaska that can help you over come this addiction and regain control of your life. You will enter into a detoxification process to cleanse your body of any toxins and chemicals. The symptoms of withdrawal will be lessened with the assistance of a non-addictive prescription medication under the supervision of a Doctor, as well as treat any medical condition the medication was originally used for. Therapy in both a group and individual setting will help you get to the cause of your addiction as well as teach you the key tools you will need to remain sober when leaving the program. Do not allow addiction to control your life any longer. A Rehab Program in Fairbanks, Alaska will help you take back your life.