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Alcohol Abuse Rehab Programs

Alcoholism is characterized by the repeated pattern of excessive alcohol consumption, tolerance, and withdrawal.  This cycle is repeated in spite of the individuals’ awareness of the damage to his circumstances and health.  The individual displays an inability to control the consumption amount for any extended period of time.  Screening in the form of questionnaires have been developed to assist professionals and individuals to determine harmful drinking patterns.  Withdrawal from alcohol can range from extremely unpleasant to life threatening.  Professional detoxification is recommended for those choosing to stop the use of alcohol “cold turkey”.  Medications are used during the detox process to safely control the withdrawal symptoms associated.  Following detox a period of some form of Alcohol Rehabilitation is necessary to ensure a sustained effort at sobriety.  As you search for an Alcohol Rehab you will find there are many different to choose from.  The following is a list of some different types you can choose from.

Alcohol Rehab Options:

  • 12 Step Program
  • Gender Specific
  • Age Specific
  • Christian Based
  • Holistic
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Residential Care
  • Outpatient/Day Treatment
  • Length of Stay Options

Residential Alcohol Rehab Programs

Residential Alcohol Rehabs offer care to the individual 24/7.  Residential programs vary in length typically from 28-90 days.  Programs are offered that last a year or more based upon the degree of treatment required.  Outpatient programs are usually 3-5 days a week and lasting about 4 hours a day.  The individual is not required to spend nights on site.  Residential, outpatient and length of stay decisions should be made based upon the needs of the individual.  Most Alcohol Rehabs offer group and one on one counseling, behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, educational classes and lectures.  Many bring 12 step meeting into their facility.  The aim of the Alcohol Rehab you choose is your long term continuous sobriety.

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