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Rehab Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Will an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Work for You?

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence is a worldwide problem, afflicting almost one hundred forty million people. In the United States alone, close to twenty million people fall under the classification of alcohol dependence. In fact, some find themselves in conditions so severe that treatment in alcohol addiction jesus and rehab centers is already warranted.


It must be understood that alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse, while similar in some sense, have distinct differences. In the case of alcohol abuse, the individual is often forced to drink in excess of what he can handle perhaps because of peer pressure or circumstances. Alcohol addiction, on the other hand, is characterized by instances where the individual drinks in order for him to feel normal. They try to prevent the effects of alcohol from waning by getting drunk most of the time. Some attempt to curtail their addiction by ceasing alcohol consumption, but often encounter great difficulty in doing so.

According to studies made by various non-profit organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, alcohol addiction is prevalent among males with approximately five to ten percent of the male-genre population having drinking problems. In contrast, only around three to five percent of the female population has drinking issues. Under typical circumstances, males should not exceed three drinks a day, while non-pregnant females should not consume more than two drinks a day. If you go beyond this threshold, then you already have an alcohol problem, which may gradually worsen if not immediately checked. Women who are planning to become pregnant, or are already pregnant, must avoid drinking alcoholic beverages at all times as there is no known safe level of alcohol consumption for their case.

Nearly all of those who suffer from alcohol addiction admit to using them at an early age, and then abused its use overtime until they find themselves saddled with an addiction. Early to late-stage symptoms of alcohol addiction include gross drinking behavior, conscious attempts to seek out drinking opportunities, ability to consume great amounts of alcohol without experiencing any obvious impairment, chronic hangovers, anti-social behavior, neglecting basic necessities like food, increased tremors, irrational and hostile behavior towards their peers, and moral deterioration. While some may try self-help methods to deal with alcohol addiction, seeking treatment in alcohol addiction rehab centers should be encouraged.

The first step is to talk to individuals who are perceived to be suffering from alcohol addiction to gradually draw them out of their shells and admit that there is a problem. Once this is achieved, efforts to convince that person to seek professional help, like being treated at an alcohol addiction rehab center, should be made.

So if you have a loved one who have been drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as well as display symptoms of alcohol addiction, try to talk to him and encourage him to seek treatment in an alcohol addiction rehab center. Doing so is a crucial first step towards saving your loved one’s life.