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Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

This is a huge ongoing debate on which is worse for people to consume, and many people just refuse to face the facts no matter how much evidence is presented. The amount of alcohol related deaths yearly is well documented and very easy for anyone to find, but if you try to find the same information on marijuana it is much harder. There have been no deaths people have been able to attribute to marijuana. Many people try and claim that there are, but in all of the cases I have seen most of these are unfounded and the deaths were caused by something else. Below are some links and resources covering this, this way asking yourself “Why I buy my weed online?” – you can see for yourself right here in one place without having to go find the info on your own. As I stated above, this is all well documented info, and we decided to combine a nice chunk of interesting posts and articles on the topic, so if you found this page you need to look no more, just follow these links!

Marijuana vs. Alcohol: 25 Enlightening Studies and Infographics – One of the biggest controversies in public health right now is surrounding the use of marijuana for medicinal usage and recreational use. While it is true that marijuana is a mind altering substance, there are also many legal substances that also affect the mind in the same way or in worse ways. One of the first that comes to mind right away is alcohol. Alcohol affects judgment, and contributes to thousands upon thousands of deaths every year, but it is perfectly legal and not considered a public health risk. Before you decide that marijuana should remain illegal and alcohol is just fine and dandy, consider these 25 enlightening and interesting studies and infographics on alcohol and marijuana.

Marijuana vs Alcohol: An In Depth Breakdown – Here is another great breakdown comparing the two “drugs”, this just offers more insight into the seemingly eternal debate.

MARIJUANA MYTHS – Top 5 EXPLAINED (Video) – An excellent and very informative video on common myths and misconceptions about marijuana.

Comparison – Alcohol vs. Marijuana – This chart compares the dangers of various drugs and then goes in depth comparing marijuana and alcohol. There are lots of interesting stats here and this is a must read for anyone that wants to know the actually stats and facts.

Cannabis and Driving: A Scientific and Rational Review – We all know how dangerous drinking and driving is and here is an interesting article discussing driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana Health Mythology – This is a great and extensive write up on the many myths surrounding marijuana. This insightful article covers the ones you hear all the time as well as other myths that you may not have heard.

Marijuana vs. alcohol: Which is the substance of lesser evil? – Which is the lesser evil: marijuana or alcohol? This question is the source of heated debate as controversial as that of pro-life versus pro-choice, Democrats versus Republicans, and Catholics versus everyone else.

Ron Paul vs. Stephen Baldwin : Marijuana Legalizing (Video) – Ron Paul Debates Stephen Baldwin On Legalizing Marijuana. This is an interesting video to watch for anyone interested in the topic.

Medical Fact: Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol – Ten states have passed medicinal marijuana laws and now an even more embarrassing issue has arisen that makes governments look stupid — rules and laws are ridiculously inconsistent when it comes to penalties for marijuana compared to alcohol, even though alcohol is widely known to be more harmful

Deaths by marijuana vs tobacco and alcohol?. – Marijuana = 0 Alcohol = 85,000 + Tobacco = 435,000

A Complete resource of Cannabis Information – There is a lot to learn when it comes to marijuana, and once you learn these things you will understand why so many people think it should be legalized for all of it’s amazing uses.

Alcohol vs. Marijuana Infographic – here is a nice infographic comparing the 2 “drugs”, this is one of the better graphics I have seen done on the subject and hopefully it will help shed some light on a topic many are unfortunately still in the dark about.

Montel Williams on Marijuana (Video) – Montel is a well known and highly respected journalist and medical marijuana activist, here is a video of him discussing why he uses marijuana and some of it’s many benefits for medical reasons.

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