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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Arizona

Considering the extreme drug turmoil in Mexico, and the fact that Mexican drug trafficking organizations dominate the drug smuggling in the United States, it is not surprising Arizona has a significant drug abuse problem due to its long shared border with Mexico. Arizona ranks among the top 10 highest in the nation for the use of cocaine by the 12-17 age group. Also, Arizona’s alcohol problem is consistently ranked above national levels. Between 1990 and 2008 at least 30 tunnels have been discovered used to transport narcotics. Arizona is experiencing escalated violence associated with drug and human trafficking along the border. This increasingly violent drug activity is a result of conflict among cartels to control key drug and human smuggling routes into the United States.

Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admissions

In 2006 there were 26,913 people admitted to Arizona drug and alcohol rehab centers. The majority of them, 93%, were in outpatient treatment. 2,097 of the total people in treatment were under the age of 18. Across the state of Arizona there are over 200 drug and alcohol rehab programs. Rates of past year alcohol dependence in Arizona have consistently been among highest in the country. In recent years dependence on illicit drugs has been average or below the national rates. Alcohol only admissions have declined by 4% while drug only admissions have increased by 12%.

Breakdown of Arizona Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

The majority, 120, of the drug and alcohol rehab centers, 57% are private non-profit. Another 62 facilities are private for-profit. Tribal authorities own and operate 20 alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Arizona.

Outpatient treatment is offered by 169 facilities in Arizona. In addition to that 53 facilities offer some form of residential care, as well as 29 facilities offering an opioid treatment program. 40 drug rehab programs have 137 physicians whom offer buprenorphine treatment for opiate addiction.

100 of the 212 facilities in Arizona received some form of Federal, State, county or local government funds, and for the provision of substance treatment services, 84 facilities had agreements or contracts with managed care organizations.