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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Arizona

Arizona Alcohol Treatment is Available

Alcohol abuse in Arizona consistently ranks above national averages. Although alcohol dependence has generally been among the 10 highest in the country for Arizona, alcohol only admissions have dropped 4% in recent years. Arizona carries similarly high rates for unmet need for alcohol treatment. Citizens of Arizona who meet the criteria for having a dependency on alcohol are not receiving the treatment they need.

According to studies in 2008, 5.3% reported having two or more drinks daily in the past month. The age group of 35-44 had the highest percentage of heavy drinking, while the highest percentage of heavy drinkers were either never married or unmarried couples. Higher household income levels correlated with an increase in alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Abuse & Fatalities in Arizona

In Arizona during 2008, alcohol abuse resulted in 34,582 emergency room visits as well as 26,583 inpatient discharges. The average length of stay for those inpatient discharges was approximately 4.9 days, which amounts to 13,415 patient days.

There were 266 alcohol impaired driving fatalities in 2008. Of the total number of alcohol impaired driving fatalities 35 were under 21 years old. 71% of these fatalities involved drivers with a BAC over .15, and 35% of alcohol impaired driving fatalities involved repeat offenders with a BAC between .08 and .14, while 65% were over.15. Arizona police arrested a total of 39,746 people in 2008 for driving under the influence, and 561 of them were under 18.