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Drug Rehab Programs in Arizona

Drug Abuse throughout Arizona

Arizona is located directly north of a major trafficker stronghold, Mexican State of Sonora, which has experienced a dramatic increase in drug smuggling violence. Nogales, Douglas and San Luis are the three principal entry port along the 350 mile Arizona and Mexico border. Infrequent patrolled mountain ranges and desert make the Arizona border ideal for drug smuggling. Mexican trafficking organizations are responsible for the majority of drugs entering Arizona, and mainly use the state for drug importation and transshipment. These drug trafficking groups are smuggling cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and precursor chemicals.

Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is shipped from Colombia to regions in Mexico, where it is then transported to areas of the Arizona and Mexico border. Crack cocaine remains widely available and easily attainable throughout the areas of Tucson and Phoenix.

Heroin Abuse Ruins Lives

There has been an abundance of heroin available in Arizona. In recent years the purity of heroin in Arizona has increased by 7%, and the price has decreased by an estimated 40%. Heroin is increasing in availability throughout the Arizona public schools. The starter form of heroin, “cheese” is being directed to those children in school. Also increasing is the abuse of OxyContin. OxyContin is heavily abused due to the high dosage available, as well as the intense high it provides, similar to that of heroin. When high school student are unable to purchase OxyContin they are known inject or smoke heroin.

Abuse of Meth in Arizona

Mexican-produced meth as well as locally produced methamphetamine are among the types of meth available in Arizona. Locally produced methamphetamine originates from those laboratories owned and operated independently, responsible for producing small amounts for local consumption. The Mexican-produced methamphetamine in Arizona is the most predominant type encountered in the state. making its way across the Southwest Border. Arizona is a major distribution hub and transshipment point for Mexican-produced meth that eventually makes it way to Midwest cities.


Marijuana in Arizona continues to be readily available in quantities over 100 pounds. Individuals known as “mules” are paid to carry loads of marijuana on their backs through rugged areas of Arizona. Tucson and Phoenix are primarily used for stashed spots until the marijuana is ready to shipped to its destination.

Ecstasy Abuse Continues to Rise in Arizona

The availability of club drugs remain high in Arizona. Ecstasy, LSD, ketamine, nitrous oxide and GHB are among the most commonly abused club drugs. College students as well as the younger population seem to be heavily abusing ecstasy.