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Rehab Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix is the largest city and the capital of the state of Arizona with a population is 1,455,632 according to the 2010 United States Census. The city is the sixth most populated city in the United States, as well as one of the largest cities in the United States by land area. Phoenix is the largest capital city in the United States and the only state capital with over 1,000,000 people. The city is located in the northeastern part of the Sonoran Desert. Phoenix is the county seat of Maricopa County, as well as home to several colleges and universities.

Drugs, Crime and Kidnapping in Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix has had a long history of drugs and crime. In fact the city has been nicknamed the “Kidnapping capital of the USA” since the late 2000’s. Local law enforcement believe that the kidnappers are a part of Mexican Drug War cartels. Those victims of kidnapping are believed to be put into human smuggling or possibly related to illegal drug trade. Regardless the city has seen a tremendous drop in violent crimes and murder there is still a huge problem with the distribution and abuse of illicit drugs in and around the city of Phoenix.

Cocaine in the big cities

Cocaine seems to be the drug of choice by residents of Phoenix and other larger cities throughout Arizona. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups are responsible for the majority of Cocaine being distributed throughout the city. They typically smuggle cocaine from Mexico to Arizona through and between POEs along the U.S.-Mexico border. Then distributing the drugs amongst the local gangs and independent dealers and sold to Arizona residents.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is a very addictive drug derived from the leaves of the coca plant.  It is a powerful stimulant that directly effects the functions of the brain. Cocaine is sold on the streets as a fine white crystalline powder, commonly mixed with cornstarch, talcum powder or sugar by dealers. Street names for cocaine are “Coke”, “Snow”, “C”, “Flake” and “Blow”. Cocaine is most commonly snorted but can be smoked with other drugs or injected. Cocaine produces a euphoric feeling for the user, increased energy and alertness, lasting up to 30 minutes.

The problem…

Many who have abused cocaine over a period of time have found themselves developing a tolerance, requiring more of the drug to reach the same effects. They do not put to count the increased risk of over dose by taking large doses of the drug often. According to DAWN data, there were 1,727 cocaine-related emergency department visits in the Phoenix metro area in 2002. Some of those were not lucky and cocaine claimed there lives.  In 2001 there were 175 cocaine related deaths according to DAWN. Many are addicted to cocaine, not just physically but psychologically, finding it impossible to fight the drug cravings and successfully quit, the require the assistance of a treatment facility. According to TEDS, there were 200 powdered cocaine-related treatment admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in Arizona for 2001. Treatment admissions for crack cocaine abuse were 185 in 2002. This problem is not just limited to Arizona’s adults but its youth as well. According to the ACJC 2002 State of Arizona Youth Survey, 8.0 percent of junior and senior high school students reported that they had used cocaine at least once in their lifetime.

The Treatment

Cocaine addiction is mostly psychological, the drug cravings make it feel impossible to quit. With the help of a Rehab Program in Phoenix, Arizona you can over come this addiction. You will go through the detoxification process to cleanse your body of toxins and chemicals. A Doctor will prescribe you a non-addictive medication to help control the drug cravings and any other withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing. You will then go through behavioral modification therapy, the purpose is to help you get to the cause of your addiction as well as teach you how to live a life of sobriety, to be clean requires a life style change. You will be strongly urged to continue on with a support group when leaving the program to help maintain your sobriety, remember addiction never goes away and a craving can happen years into your recovery. Rehab Program in Phoenix, Arizona are here to help you start on the journey to sobriety.