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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas is a major drug smuggling route out of Mexico and the Caribbean. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has reported that street gangs are financing their activities with the sales of illicit drugs, and have expanded their activities to make cocaine and methamphetamine readily available statewide. The drug problem in Arkansas is no longer confined to its inner cities, these trafficking organizations have made it a statewide issue. The primary drug of concern in Arkansas is methamphetamine, followed by cocaine as well as the rising abuse of prescription drugs. The availability and use of meth is a major concern in Arkansas, considering it is one if the most physically and mentally destructive drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Arkansas

In 2008 94,000 schoolchildren participated in a survey, almost 80% of 12th graders reported using alcohol, and over 45% had used marijuana. On average students started using marijuana at age 14, which is younger than that of alcohol use.

Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, reported from 2004-2005 173,000 citizens in Arkansas used an Illicit drug in the past month. Additional information shows that 74,000 Arkansas citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year.

Past year alcohol dependence or abuse rates in Arkansas have been at the national average. On the contrary, past year dependence or abuse of illicit drugs rates have been above the national average. Research done by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services annual survey, states that there are 38 private nonprofit facilities in Arkansas. 6 drug and alcohol treatment centers are private for profit, and the remaining facilities are owned or operated by Federal, State or the local government. In recent years the number of drug and alcohol treatment centers has declined, principally due to a loss of 9 private for profit facilities within Arkansas.

Arkansas Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Outpatient treatment for drugs and alcohol is offered by 43 of the 50 treatment centers in Arkansas. Residential care is offered by an additional 20 facilities, as well as 2 drug rehab programs offering opioid treatment. 5 drug rehab programs along with 18 physicians are certified to deliver buprenorphine treatment for opiate addiction.

Managed care organizations had agreements or contracts with 22 facilities for the provision of substance abuse treatment services, as well as 38 Arkansas facilities receiving some form of Federal, State, county or local government funds. These contracts and funds broaden the availability or treatment in Arkansas and ensure as many people as possible receive treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admissions in Arkansas

Recently there has been a steady increase in the annual admissions for the abuse of more than one substance, as well as a drastic increase in admissions for the abuse of at least three substances. In recent years there has been a steady decline in the number of admissions mentioning alcohol upon admission, but a drastic increase in the mentions of opiates, marijuana and methamphetamine.

Arkansas has seen a substantial pattern shift of problems present at admission. Alcohol only admissions have decreased by more than 50% to 18% upon admission, where as drug only admissions have more than doubled to 42%. The rate of unmet drug treatment need is among the highest in the country for adolescents in Arkansas.