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Rehab Programs in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Fayetteville is the fourth largest city in the state of Arkansas with a total population of 73,580 according to the 2010 United States Census. The city is the county seat of Washington County, located deep in the Boston Mountains.Fayetteville is the home to the University of Arkansas which is the flagship university in the state. Thousands of students make their way to Fayetteville each year making it a large college town.

Alcohol abuse amongst young adults in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Many young adults find themselves in a situation with peer pressures to use alcohol. Many of these young adult are able to control their alcohol intake, but other find themselves out of control and in need of a treatment facility to quit. According to a 2002 and 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health an estimate of 168,000 individuals in Arkansas have an alcohol abuse or addition problem, 53,000 of which are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old (College Age). There were around 484,000 individuals in Arkansas that admitted to binge drinking in the month prior to the survey.

What is alcohol abuse?

Alcohol abuse is the chronic use of alcoholic beverages regardless to the negative consequences. Binge drinking is the most common form of alcohol abuse. Binge Drinking is having four or more alcoholic drinks in one night. Those who abuse alcohol are still in control of the substance, they can quit at any time but choose not to. Some who regularly abuse alcohol may have trouble with interpersonal relationships, problems at work or school, and legal problems. Their bodies do begin to develop a tolerance, requiring them to drink more alcohol to receive the same desired effects. If they are not careful they might develop an dependency and addiction to alcohol, alcoholism.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is classified as a treatable disease, it is an addiction to or dependency on drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages.  The alcoholic is compulsive and unable to control their “need” to  consume alcohol. They will ignore the consequences of their drinking, such as deteriorating health, problems with personal relationships, legal problems and financial problems due to loss of employment. Long term alcohol abuse produces physiological changes in the brain. Their bodies develop a tolerance and physical dependence. The alcoholic’s brain chemistry changes add to the compulsive inability to stop drinking. The may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol abuse and addiction treatment

Most do not seek help until they have reached rock bottom. Rehab Programs in Fayetteville, Arkansas are here to help when you are ready to admit there is a problem. You will receive non-addictive prescription medications to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and help you control cravings. Going through a detoxification process your body will be cleansed of any chemicals and toxins. You will go through both group and individual therapy to help get to the cause of your addiction as well as teach you how to live without alcohol in your life, a new life of sobriety. There is hope, contact a Rehab Program in Fayetteville, Arkansas to start of the road to recovery.