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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in California

California rates of drug abuse for adults over the age of 26 are in the top ten of the Nation. California has seen a shift from alcohol to drugs being the most abused, and methamphetamine is one of most abused substances in California. Less than 10% of all admissions to drug and alcohol rehabs have been for alcohol. Meth admissions were an overwhelming 36% which is the highest in the nation. This is an alarming statistic for California because of the physical destruction and emotional dependency that methamphetamine creates.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in California

Rates of past month alcohol use and past month binge drinking have remained below the national average, although California was among the 10 highest States in the country for the percentage of the population having five or more alcoholic beverages once or twice a week. The rate of alcohol abuse or dependence for the population 26 and older was also among the highest in the country in 2006. Before the 2005-2006 NSDUH survey rates of alcohol abuse or dependence were below the national average for all age groups, but have been increasing since. Rates of past year illicit drug dependence or abuse have been higher than the national average since 2003.

California Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

The number of treatment facilities in California has increased from 1,772 in 2002, to 1,820 in 2006. During this period there was an addition of 43 private for profit facilities, an increase of 7 federally operated facilities as well as a loss of 2 facilities owned or operated by Tribal Governments. Outpatient treatment in California is offered by 71% of the drug and alcohol rehabs, and 41% of the facilities offer a form of residential care. Due to the drastic increase in methamphetamine and opiate abuse in California, 132 facilities offer methadone treatment with 921 physicians certified to provide buprenorphine therapy.

There are 476 facilities who have agreements or contracts with managed care organizations for the provision of treatment services, and 63% of the drug and alcohol rehab programs in California receive some form of Federal, State, county or local government funds to provide treatment. In 2006 the N-SSATS survey showed a one day total of 138,342 clients in treatment, with 86% of them being in outpatient treatment. 12,174 of the total number of clients in treatment were under the age of 18. Annual admissions have been on a steady increase from an estimated 154,000 in 2002 to more than 183,000 in 2005. In recent years the numbers of admissions mentioning alcohol, heroin or cocaine have decreased as a substance of abuse, and concurrent increases in the mention of marijuana upon admission. However, the most drastic increase has been the mentions of methamphetamine abuse upon admission.

Growing Need for both Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in California

California is ranked at or above the national average for individuals needing and not receiving treatment for alcohol abuse for all age groups. The unmet need for treatment for drug abuse is also above the national average. The unmet need for alcohol abuse for individuals 26 and older was also among the highest in the country.