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Drug Rehab Programs in Colorado

Growing Rates of Drug Abuse throughout Colorado

The drug problem in Colorado is widespread and continuously growing. Colorado has some of the highest rates in the country for past month illicit drug use, past year marijuana use as well as past year cocaine use. From 2000-2005 the number of Colorado citizens using methamphetamine has more than doubled. Substance abuse continues to be a major problem in Colorado and 80% of the inmates in the prison system have an illicit substance abuse problem.

Mexican trafficking organizations control the majority of the marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin distribution in Colorado. Independent trafficking organizations with suppliers overseas as well as in the U.S. are the primary distributors of club drugs. Additionally there are various gangs with ties to other criminal organizations in Texas, Mexico and California who also distribute drugs in Colorado.

Cocaine Abuse

There is a steady supply of cocaine being smuggled into Colorado and distributed throughout the state. The majority of the supply is coming from Mexico, and being brought in large quantities. Some of the cocaine is distributed to metropolitan areas of Colorado where it is transformed to crack cocaine, and available in smaller quantities.

Heroin Increasing in Availability

It is becoming evident that the availability and use of Heroin in Colorado is increasing. The most common heroin found on Colorado is Mexican black tar heroin, which is readily available in metropolitan areas of Colorado. To a lesser degree, Mexican brown heroin has also been known to be distributed.

Meth is a Major Threat Throughout Colorado

Methamphetamine in Colorado is being trafficked from both Mexico and large laboratories in California. Clandestine laboratories in Colorado have decreased drastically, mainly because of the potency and widespread availability of the Mexican meth. Although the clandestine laboratories have diminished drastically the operations are still pose a threat to the public safety as well as the environment.

Ecstasy Abuse is Common in Nightclubs

MDMA (ecstasy) is often distributed by independent traffickers supplied by both foreign and domestic sources. The abuse of ecstasy has close ties connected to pornography, prostitution and violence. Asian trafficking organizations have a major role in distributing club drugs. Other club drugs such as LSD, GHB and Ketamine are popular in the nightclubs throughout Colorado.

Marijuana is Most Abused Drug in Colorado

The most widely abused drug throughout Colorado continues to be Marijuana. Mexican drug trafficking organizations smuggle the majority of Marijuana into the state. As well as very potent and more expensive marijuana being smuggled from British Columbia. Colorado is experiencing an increased amount of indoor grow operations throughout the state. Independent trafficking organizations and Asian gangs operate the majority of these operations, and are also known to distribute the marijuana from Canada and the Pacific Northwest.