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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is not only the home to the president and many other politicians, it is also home to thousands suffering from alcoholism and alcohol abuse problems. It is surprising for some that there would be so many in need of Alcohol rehab in such a well know and highly respected place as Washington D.C. This is not just a problem in one area, it is a growing problem throughout the United States.

With alcohol having been used as a form of socializing throughout history, men and woman of all types are regular visitors to the bottle. In such a high stress political area, Washington D.C. is no different. The growing problem with uncontrollable alcohol abuse and alcoholism s creating a great need for Alcohol Rehab Programs in the Washington D.C. area.

Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism in Washington DC

Many men and women are able to remain in control of their drinking, going out into a social setting and just enjoying one drink. Those who abuse alcohol are still in control, they can stop at any time but choose not to. Binge drinking is the most common form of Alcohol Abuse. It is the consumption of 4 or more drinks in one night. Many see alcohol abuse as harmless fun but the truth is alcohol affects ones judgement and what was set out the be a good time can turn into disaster. Those under the influence of alcohol often drive risking their life and the lives of others as well as putting themselves through unnecessary legal troubles. Alcohol can also bring out aggression, it is all to common for people to engage in ‘bar fights’ in situations they would have handled a different way if they were not intoxicated. All to many times alcohol plays a large roll is sexual bad decisions, having unprotected sex resulting in STD’s or unwanted pregnancy. The most frightening result of alcohol abuse is the risk of alcohol poisoning, this can end in death. A night of fun and drinking, on a regular basis or one time thing can have devastating results. Those who abuse alcohol on a regular basis are aware of the risks involved yet still choose to drink. For some things get out of control and the assistance of an alcohol rehab program is required to regain full control of ones drinking before it turns into a full fledged addiction.

Getting to the point of Alcoholism isn’t something that happened over night, it was a gradual process with regular alcohol abuse that resulted in an addiction. Alcoholism is classified as a treatable disease. It is believed that many alcoholics are predisposed to this disease due to genetics. Alcoholics are unable to quit drinking on their own, their bodies are completely depended on alcohol and they experience excruciating withdrawal symptoms when stopping abruptly. Alcoholics slowly loose everything that once mattered to them; friends and family typically get to the point of giving up on them, loss of employment, financial distress, or homelessness. It often takes hitting rock bottom and having nothing left for an alcoholic to admit they need help. This is when an Alcohol rehab program can help them overcome this disease and start the healing process.

Recover with a Washington DC Alcohol Rehab Program

If you are fighting with alcoholism or are finding yourself out of control with your alcohol use then contacting an Alcohol Rehab Program is a step in the right direction. When contacting a Washington D.C. Alcohol Rehab program you will go through an assessment process to determine the correct coarse of treatment to help you successfully recover.

Some require an out patient program with regular visits, counseling and group meetings to regain control of their lives. Others with more severe alcohol abuse issue, alcoholism,  will require a more intense inpatient program with 24-7 patient care.  They will go through a detoxification process to cleanse their bodies of any chemicals and toxins. For some a prescription medication is required to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. They will be provided with both individual and group counseling to help get to the cause of their alcohol problem.

Taking the first step is admitting you have a problem and seeking help. When getting to this point you are ready to begin your recovery. The Doctors and Staff at Washington D.C.’s alcohol rehab program can assist you through the healing process with compassion and a true understanding for what you are going through.