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Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab Program

Get Rid of Addiction by Seeking Treatment At A Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Abuse

When people talk about addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse like cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, LSD, or a variety of other similar drugs, are things that immediately comes to mind. However, only minimal information is provided regarding prescription drug addiction, and in fact, most people know about such possibility only when someone famous reportedly was admitted for treatment to a prescription drug luxury rehab Los Angeles center, or unexpectedly died due to such addiction.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, prescription drug addiction is one of the most underrated addiction problems, when in reality they are more dangerous than other substances due to their almost sinister nature. One of the most abused prescription drugs are opiods. They are commonly prescribed by doctors because of their efficacy in the treatment of pain. Some examples of opiods are morphine, codeine, oxycodone or OxyContin, propoxyphene, the medicine Vicodin or hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and meperidine, known under the name Demerol.

Rehab Programs for Prescription Drugs

While some of these drugs, like codeine, are also used in treating coughs and diarrhea, they are generally prescribed to alleviate the pain felt by a patient as a result of injury, surgery, or chronic diseases. The problem with pain medications is that as the patient’s system becomes accustomed to the dosage, these drugs tend to lose their efficacy after some time, which may cause the patient to inadvertently increase their dose to achieve the same effect as before. Before the patients know it, they already have slipped into physical, as well as psychological, dependence on the drug, and the mere thought of stopping its use gives them extreme anxiety.

According to the data made available by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there is an increase in the rate of admissions to various prescription drug rehab centers because of prescription drug addiction. In 2008 alone, it was reported that there are around two million five hundred thousand individuals, aged twelve and higher, who used prescription drugs non-medically within the year. This large number makes it clear that non-medical use of prescription drugs is a growing problem among teens and young adults.

prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can become deadly

There are some who recognize their drug problem and so subject themselves voluntarily to treatment in a prescription drug rehab center. Treatment procedures usually depend on the type of drug used, as well as craving level of the individual. Opiod addiction, for instance, is usually treated at the outset with a detoxifying procedure coupled with medications, like naltrexone, which counter the effect of the original drug on the brain. The doses are then gradually decreased until the system is completely detoxified. To be effective, however, the treatment incorporates counseling to foster complete abstinence in order for the patient to achieve full recovery.

The threat of prescription drug addiction is all too real. This is why if you, or someone you love have fallen victims to this type of addiction, seeking treatment in a prescription drug rehab center is the best way to get away from this dangerous situation.