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Rehab Programs in Hialeah, Florida

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Hialeah is the fifth largest city in the state of Florida with a total population of 218,896 according to the 2009 United States Census. Hialeah has the second highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the US.  The City of Hialeah is a significant commercial center. Hialeah is the home to Miami-Dade College Hialeah Campus, College of business and technology, and Florida National College.
Hialeah is a growing city full of culture and beauty.

Marijuana, it affects everyone…

Marijuana abuse is a problem not only in Hialeah, Florida but throughout the United States. The drug does not discriminate on age, race, or sex…It has abusers of all. The majority of the marijuana in Florida is locally grown or from California. Marijuana also is transported from Canada, Mexico, and southwestern states in private vehicles, trucks, via package delivery services, and by couriers or air cargo shipments on commercial airlines. It is then distributed to local drug dealers and gangs to be sold locally.

Marijuana Addiction

After a period of time, chronic abuse of Marijuana leads to addiction requiring the help of a treatment facility to quit. According to TEDS data, the number of marijuana-related treatment admissions increased from 12,146 in 1997 to 14,356 in 2001. This shows the problem with marijuana is not going away, it is only getting worse. Marijuana addicts frequent obsess over the drug, thinking about it all the time, where and when to get it,  will there be enough, will it be good enough, how can I get money to buy more. Marijuana addiction also causes physical cravings that comes when the body begins to develop a tolerance to it. Most addicts require smoking more marijuana to feel the same effect that just a few hits used to produce. With chronic use of Marijuana the brains chemicals are disrupted and new neurological pathways develop. This affects the pleasure centers and can cause depression and anxiety when attempts are made to quit making it feel nearly impossible.

Marijuana Treatment

Treatment for Marijuana addiction addresses both the mind and body. Detox is the first step of treatment for an Marijuana addict. They require marijuana detox before recovery and abstinence can begin. The other step of treatment for a Marijuana addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy in both a group and one-on-one setting. The addict will be assessed and then given a custom treatment plan that is designed to deal with the addicts specific problem. Those fighting marijuana addiction will often find themselves in a position of temptation, this the help of out patient counseling and support groups it will make it easier to ignore temptation and continue on the road of recovery.

It is time to quit. Contact a Rehab Program in Hialeah, Florida today to start on the road to recovery.