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Miami Addiction Treatment Programs

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Miami Rehab Programs – One of the Best In The Country

One of the most beautiful cities in the state of Florida is Miami. It is one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States because of its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and other wonderful vacation spots. Unfortunately, Miami is also regarded as the entry point of illicit drugs for distribution to various American states. The proximity of the city to the Caribbean, which the DEA has always kept under watchful eye because of its apparent links to major Colombian drug networks, is apparently the reason why Miami is the favorite of drug smugglers. Aside from these illicit drug problems, prescription drug addiction is also on the rise in Miami. Part of the problem is perhaps because of the availability of various prescription drugs being sold on the street and elsewhere.

According to data made available by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, there were 201 cases of cocaine-related deaths in 2008 in Miami, 38 cases of fatalities directly attributed to heroin, more than 20 cases of methamphetamine-related deaths, and 124 fatalities directly caused by prescription drug overdose and addiction. Among the prescription drug attributed deaths, oxycodone was at the top of the list, followed by morphine, hydrocodone, propoxyphene and finally, methadone.

The grim scenario caused by the drug addiction problem in Miami, however, is not without a perceivable solution. Various Miami rehab programs are being implemented to combat the worsening drug problem in the city. Massive information campaign about the dangers of drug abuse have generated positive results and enabled the drug dependents to voluntarily submit to treatment and rehab programs. For those arrested and ordered by the courts to undergo treatment at various rehab facilities, significant improvements in their condition were also shown after going through different Miami rehab programs.

Miami is Known for Having some of the Best Addiction Treatment Programs

Miami rehab programs are considered as one of the best in the country today. It combines proven techniques, which include medication and behavioral interventions, individual and group counseling, and various social activities that promote openness and interaction. Follow-up treatment is also recommended and implemented to ensure that the patient will not entertain any thoughts of sliding back into addiction.

Since the professionals at these rehab centers recognize that every case is different, the treatment applied is usually customized and matched with the patient’s condition and need. Miami rehab programs are developed specially for every case and are usually focused on the patient’s personal issues. Many of these Miami rehab programs incorporate the core principles of 12 Steps to help the patients fully recover from their addiction.

Although the effectiveness of these Miami rehab programs are beyond any doubt, the actual length of time for the patient’s full recovery from addiction may take a little bit long. However, with full support from family and friends, as well as the inner desire to get rid of the addiction, the patient will get through the treatment process more smoothly.

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