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Rehab Programs in St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg is the fourth largest city in the state of Florida with a total population of 245,314 according to the 2008 United States Census. The city is located on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico. St. Petersburg is known as a vacation destination for both American and foreign tourists. With a purported average of some 360 days of sunshine each year, it is nicknamed “The Sunshine City.” For that reason, the city has long been a popular retirement destination, this reputation earned the city the derisive nickname of “God’s waiting room”. Despite the large number of retirement communities, in recent years the population has shifted in a more youthful direction.

Prescription abuse in St. Petersburgh, Florida

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem throughout the United States and St. Petersburgh is no exception. Addiction does not discriminate on age, the young and old have found themselves with addictions to prescription medications. Some developed an addiction after long term use of a medication that they had a legitimate health condition to need, prescribe by a Doctor. They never intended to become addicted, it just happened as a tolerance developed they started taking more of the drug and when stopping they would feel ill, withdrawal, rather than feel this way they would just continue its use. Others are under the misconception that Prescription medications are safer than illicit drugs, this is false, they are just as dangerous if not worse. There is a great number of lives taken by prescription drug overdose each year. Which ever way the addiction starts, there is a treatment program available to help over come it, to reach their goal of sobriety.

The addict

Prescription drug addicts will continue use of the medication despite the negative consequences, such as relationship difficulties, problems with employment, and the health risks involved in chronic use. Prescription drug abusers will complain of vague symptoms to get more medication, when other treatment options are available they will show no interest and avoid them. Seeing several doctors and/or pharmacies to get more pills, users will beg barrow and steal prescription pills prescribed for others. The addiction overwhelms them.

A person who is addicted to prescription drugs may experience Anxiety, Depression, Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, Loss of interest in relationships with friends or family members, and Withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using the medication on their own. There are many drugs different drugs that can have serious even fatal reactions when taken together, even vitamins and minerals can cause dangerous side affects in combination with a drug. Many medications commonly abused mixed with alcohol or illicit drugs to can have serious even fatal side affects. When taking a sedative or a painkiller and drink alcohol, the combination of the two may affect the central nervous system, leading to respiratory distress or failure, or even death. There are many risks associated with prescription drug abuse.

Its time to quit

Sure things feel hopeless, all you can think of is getting high on prescription drug…Well there is hope, rehab programs in St. Petersburg, Florida can help. You do not need to be a victim to addiction any longer.

If you are ready to admit you have a problem then your success rate of sobriety is greatly increased. When being admitted into a treatment program you will be assessed to figure out what the best course of treatment is for you. Some medications need to be weaned out of your system differently to prevent any health issues. You will be prescribed a non-addictive medication to lessen any symptoms of withdrawal while going through the detox process. You then will go through intense therapy to get to the cause of your addiction, teach you the error of your ways and learn how to live without drugs. You can regain control of you life with the help of a rehab program in St. Petersburg, Florida.