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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii has consistently ranked among those states with the lowest rates for past year cocaine use for individuals 12 and older as well as 26 and older. In addition Hawaii has also had some of the lowest rates among all age groups for past year nonmedical use of pain relievers, past month tobacco use and past month cigarette use. Rates of past year and past month marijuana use have remained at or above the national level among all age groups, while past month use of drugs other than marijuana have consistently been at or below the national levels. Other rates that are below the national average among all age groups, are both past month alcohol use as well as past month binge alcohol use.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Hawaii

Dependence on or the abuse of alcohol in Hawaii has fluctuated over time, and from 2005-2006 rates were below the national level among all age groups, with individuals in between the ages of 12-17 among the 10 lowest rates in the country. Similarly, rates have been among the lowest in the country for rates of past year dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs, among all age groups not including those age 26 and older.

Increasing Need for Addiction Rehabs in Hawaii

Since 2002, the number of treatment facilities in Hawaii has increased with the addition of 21 private nonprofit facilities, but Hawaii also lost 8 private for profit facilities. The majority of the treatment centers in Hawaii are private nonprofit with a total of 94 facilities, and another 12 facilities being private for profit. The Federal, State or local government owned and operated the remaining 7%. Of the 105 facilities in Hawaii, 87% received Federal, State, county or local government funds, and an additional 41% had agreements or contracts with managed care. Outpatient treatment is offered by 92% of the treatment centers in Hawaii, with another 16% offering some form of residential care. In addition 3 facilities have an opioid treatment program, as well as another 7 programs and 37 physicians certified to provide bupenorphine treatment for opiate addiction.

Mentions of alcohol as well as cocaine upon treatment admission in Hawaii have been declining over recent years, while treatment admissoins mentioning methamphetamine have seen a steep rise. Reports from a one day census from the N-SSATS showed 3,787 clients in treatment, for one day in Hawaii. The majority, 87%, of these clients were in outpatient treatment, with 864 individuals under the age of 18. Annual treatment admissions reports provided from the Treatment Episode Data Set, showed a decline of over 10% in alcohol only admissions, and showed drug only admissions have more than doubled in recent years.

Growing Need for Hawaii Drug Rehab Programs

Hawaii’s rates of unmet treatment for alcohol use have generally been below the national rates, with the rate of unmet alcohol treatment among ages 12-17 being of the 10 lowest in the country. Hawaii has also had some of the lowest rates in the country among age groups 12-17 & 18-25 for unmet drug treatment needs. However, for individuals age 26 and older Hawaii’s rates of unmet drug treatment need are among the 10 highest in the country.