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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Idaho

Idaho is among one of the 10 states with the lowest rates for both past month illicit drug use and past month alcohol use among individuals from age 18 to 25. Rates are also consistently among the lowest in the country for past year marijuana use and past year drug dependence for individuals age 26 and older, as well as past year cocaine use for individuals age 12 and older. Although Idaho has generally ranked below the national rates for the mentioned measures there is still a major need for treatment. Citizens of Idaho age 12-17 generally rank among the highest in the country for past year alcohol abuse or dependence.

Idaho Treatment Facilities for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) reported 57 treatment facilities in Idaho. Of the total 4 are owned and operated by tribal governments, 21 are private nonprofit and another 28 are private for profit. In recent years Idaho has lost 16 treatment facilities primarily due to the loss 4 private for profit facilities as well as 9 private nonprofit facilities.

The N-SSATS reported 50 of 67 treatment centers in Idaho offering outpatient care, as well as 13 facilities offering some form of residential care. In addition there are 3 drug treatment programs with 18 physicians certified to provide buprenoerphine treatment for the addiction of opiates. Of the total number of drug and alcohol rehab programs in Idaho, 40 receive funds from Federal, State, county or local government, while an additional 29 have agreements or contracts with managed care organizations.

Alarming Increases in Drug Rehab Admissions in Idaho

The majority of the individuals in treatment in Idaho are receiving outpatient treatment. Treatment admissions in Idaho mentioning alcohol and cocaine have been dropping steadily, while mentions of methamphetamine have taken an alarming increase. Drug rehab programs in Idaho have reported in recent years that methamphetamine accounts for over 50% of admissions in Idaho. Similar statistics also show an increase of 25% for drug only admissions. With statistics like these it is no surprise that the rate for unmet drug treatment in Idaho is above national rates, along with rates for unmet alcohol treatment which are consistently among the highest in the country.