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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Illinois

Illinois rates for the use of many drugs has consistently been at or below the national rates. Among all age groups, rates for past month illicit drug use, past month & past year marijuana use, past month illicit drug use other than marijuana as well as past year nonmedical use of pain relievers, have all been below notional rates. However, rates of alcohol use in Illinois have typically been above the national rates among all age groups in Illinois.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Illinois

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported rates of past year alcohol dependence being above the national rates among all age groups in Illinois. Contrarily, among all age groups rates of past year drug dependence have generally been at or below the national rates in Illinois. Although drug dependence rates are down, there has been an increase in admissions mentioning heroin use, and a substantial decline of alcohol admissions by almost 25%.

Illinois Drug & Alcohol Rehab Admissions

The Treatment Episode Data Set showed a decline in alcohol only admissions by 17%, while drug only admissions have increased by 25%. Based on the NSDUH reports, individuals are more likely to seek treatment for drug problems rather then alcohol use in Illinois. Surveys indicate that rates of unmet need for drug treatment have typically been at or below the national rates among all age groups, while rates of unmet need for alcohol treatment have typically been above the national rates among all age groups.

Illinois Rehab Programs for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Based on statistics provided by the 2006 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Illinois has a total of 588 treatment facilities. 338 of the treatment facilities in Illinois were private nonprofit, and another 221 facilities were private for profit. The remaining 29 facilities are owned or operated by Federal, State or local government. Outpatient care is offered by 89% of the facilities in Illinois, and another 18% of the facilities offer some form of residential care. Additionally 63 facilities offer an opioid treatment program. Illinois has a total of 64 programs with 221 physicians certified to provide buprenorphine for opiate addiction. More than half of the facilities in Illinois receive funds from Federal, State, county or local government and an additional 42% have agreements or contracts with managed care organizations. Addiction treatment is available throughout Illinois. Do yourself a favor and start living a clean and sober lifestyle with the help of Illinois rehab programs.