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Rehab Programs in Rockford, Illinois

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Rockford is the third largest city in the state of Illinois with a total population of 152,871 according to the 2010 United States Census. Located on the banks of Rock River in Winnebago County. The city is often referred to as “The Forest City” because of the professional baseball team named Forest City.

Marijuana Abuse in Rockford, Illinois

Marijuana is the most commonly abuse drug throughout the world and Rockford is no excepting. In fact many of Rockford’s residents are responsible for the cultivation and distribution of this illicit drug. Rockford has  4 distinct seasons. During the warm weather, starting spring growers plant Marijuana and by summer time they have large plants to harvest and dry in fall. The state of Illinois is a prime location for Marijuana growth. The fertile soil and large, sparsely populated rural areas of Illinois attract cannabis growers. Marijuana is commonly intermixed with corn and soybean crops, making it visible only from the air, lessening the chance of detection.

Marijuana is not only grown outdoors in Illinois, it is also grown indoors in large operations.  The average indoor grow contained 25-50 plants, but some contained as many as 250 plants. Regardless to the attempts made by growers, local police are doing what they can to shut down these illegal growth operations threw seizures. In 1998, law enforcement in the state of Illinois seized 1,358,106 marijuana plants. DEA has an aggressive Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program in Illinois, which consistently ranks among the top 10 states in the country in the number of plants and plots of cannabis that are eradicated each year.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a green brown leaf derived from the cannabis plant, containing more the 400 chemicals. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main chemical in marijuana to give the psychoactive effect. Binding itself to cannabinoid (CB) receptors throughout the nervous system and other parts of the body. CB receptors are found in area’s of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, sensory and time perception, appetite, pain, and movement coordination.

When THC enters the body it can cause a number of effects. Short-term memory loss is most common, it becomes hard to learn and retain information. Reaction time is drastically slowed and motor coordination is impaired. Many make the foolish step of  driving while impaired, risking their life and the lives of others. Marijuana smokers will find their mood altered to the point of euphoric feelings and calmness, this makes the drug so addictive.

Marijuana Health Effects

Marijuana causes an increased heart rate by 20-100%. Middle-aged and elderly marijuana smokers may increase their risk of heart attack within the first hour of using the drug. Long time users of Marijuana may have an chronic cough and bronchitis, also increasing their risk of lung Cancer. Smoking marijuana causes large tar deposits in the respiratory tract. In combination with tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of the drug, reducing the body’s ability to produce cytokines, immune suppressors that are known to limit tumor growth. The most common health conditions related to chronic use of Marijuana  are the psychological effects such as Anxiety, Depression and Paranoia. When the body is use to being under the chronic influence of marijuana the user can begin to have cognitive impairment even when not intoxicated. Most of the effects of Marijuana are not irreversible, the user will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Its time to quit…

Marijuana can negatively effect ones health, relationship, academics and employment. Ones health begins to deteriorate, relations broken, failures educationally, and loss of employment. Don’t allow yourself to hit rock bottom like most do, contact an Rehab Program in Rockford, Illinois to start on the road to recovery today.

When entering a Rehab Program in Rockford, Illinois you will go through the detoxification process to cleanse your body of any drugs, if needed a non-addictive medication can be provided to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. Marijuana is a huge psychological addiction, this is why behavioral modification therapy is so important. You will learn the root cause of your addiction as well as how to live a sober lifestyle. You will be offered support after leaving the program to help you remain on the track of sobriety without relapse.

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