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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Indiana

Indiana battles meth, cocaine, prescription pill abuse, marijuana addiction as well as alcoholism. There are too many Indianans that could be helped but never get the treatment they need. Indiana has consistently been above national rates for the nonmedical use of painkillers, and during 2005-2006 rates were among the highest in the country. Other rates of abuse or dependence on drug and alcohol have been some what average compared to national rates.

Admissions are Increasing to Indiana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

The number of treatment admissions in Indiana has more than doubled since 1992 to a staggering 34,000 individuals admitted to a drug or alcohol treatment program in 2006. In recent years admissions mentioning alcohol have been declining, with 23% of admissions in 2006 as the result of alcohol use. On the other hand, drug related admissions have increased by more than 20%, with a drastic increase in admissions mentioning marijuana and methamphetamine.

Indiana Alcohol and Drug Rehabs are here to Help!

The 2006 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reported a total of 338 facilities in Indiana. Private nonprofit facilities represented the majority of the facilities with 227 treatment programs, another 94 facilities were private for profit with the remainder being owned and operated by Federal, State or local governments. 93% of the facilities offer outpatient care, with another 43 facilities offering some form of residential care. In addition to residential and outpatient care, 15 drug rehab programs offer an opioid treatment program, with another 55 programs and 112 physicians certified to offer buprenorphine care.

Managed care organizations have agreements or contracts with 203 facilities in Indiana, in addition to 217 facilities that receive Federal, State, county or local government funds. No matter your financial situation there is a drug and alcohol rehab program in Indiana that can help.

No one in Indiana needs to suffer through substance abuse or addiction thinking that they cannot afford treatment, please contact us today and change your life or the life of a loved one.