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Drug Rehab Programs in Indiana

Indiana Rehabs are Experiencing an Increase in Drug Related Admissions

Indiana continues to struggle with the addiction of many illicit drugs such as marijuana, meth, cocaine as well as prescription pills. Indiana rates of abuse or dependence on illicit drugs has typically been similar to the national rates. With the exception of nonmedical use of pain relievers, which Indiana has consistently been above the national rates and was among the highest in the country in 2006. In addition to prescription drugs, Indiana has seen a 20% increase in drug treatment admissions, due mainly to use of marijuana and methamphetamine.

The primary distributors of illicit drugs in Indiana are Mexican criminal groups, who actively use Indiana for transporting and distributing drugs. These criminal groups primarily use the highway systems linking Indiana to California as well as the Southwest Border, as well as gaining access to the Midwest through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Cocaine Abuse Contributes to Growing Rehab Admissions

Cocaine is readily available throughout Indiana and crack is primarily available within the urban areas. Although Cocaine prices have increased and the purity has decreased, cocaine is still a threat to Indiana and accounted for almost 13% of treatment admissions in 2006.

Herion Use

Heroin continues to be readily available in central Indiana, but generally in small quantities. Heroin is provided from many sources including South America, Southwest Asia and Mexico. The majority of transportation and distribution of Mexican heroin is controlled by Hispanic trafficking organizations.

Meth is the Leading Cause for Rehab Admission in Indiana

In recent years the abuse and trafficking of methamphetamine has drastically increased in Indiana. In 2006 144 children were affected by meth labs in the state. These laboratories, generally ran by local organizations, only produce enough meth for personal use and small quantities for distributing. Methamphetmine accounts for the majority of drug treatment admissions.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs

Reports indicate that the abuse of club drugs is not a threat to Indiana and has remained stable not causing concern.

Marijuana Abuse is Widespread Throughout Indiana

The abuse of marijuana poses significant problems in Indiana. Marijuana is cultivated both indoors and outdoors, as well as produced in Mexico and transported and distributed by Mexican organizations. During 2008 the DEA eradicated over 27,000 marijuana plants in Indiana. Marijuana is also one of the leading causes of treatment admissions in Indiana.