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Humana Health Insurance

Humana provides clients with several different forms of health care, come provided by employers, others individual policies. Humana provides with clients with insurances that will cover addiction treatment, they will cover in full the price of the rehab stay. When contacting a rehab program a representative will contact Humana and insure the cost is covered during your treatment process.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Most have to hit rock bottom before they can admit they have a problem, that rock bottom varies person to person. Others are pressured, given ultimatums, by friends and family because they can not watch the addiction destroy their loved ones life any longer. Many addicts will try to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol “Cold Turkey” but are typically not successful. When contacting an drug and alcohol rehab the addicts success rate is drastically increased. There they will receive a full assessment to determine the proper course of treatment. The detoxification process will cleanse the body of any chemicals and toxins while receiving a non-addictive prescription medication to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and drug cravings. A Doctor will be carefully monitoring you during this process. Therapy will help you get to the cause of your addiction, you will be education fully and taught the tools required to remain sober with leaving the program. Addiction is forever, you will never be free of it but with the assistance of a drug and alcohol rehab you can successfully regain control and recover.