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MVP Health Care Insurance

MVP Health Care offers a variety of policy packages to their clients, most of which fully cover a drug and alcohol rehab stay. They want their clients to be happy healthy productive members of society, hence the slogan from MVP Health Care – “Take on life and live well”. When ready to take the first step towards recovery and contacting a drug and alcohol rehab program, a representative will take you information and contact MVP Health Care to begin the admittance process and to insure that your stay will be covered with no money out of pocket. Drug and Alcohol rehab stays and be lengthy and the intensity of the treatment varies according to the severity of the addiction. With MVP Health Care you do not need to worry, you will be able to receive the help you need to once and forever overcome your drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol addiction can effect anyone; grandparents, parents, and children, addictive does not discriminate. Nearly 140 million Americans have some form of alcohol dependency, an estimated 19.5 million Americans over the age of 12 use illegal drugs. An addiction is classified as an dependency, physical and/or psychological, on drugs and/or alcohol, it is an compulsion to use more. When an addict does not get their “fix” they may experience withdrawal symptoms, these symptoms can go from mild psychological symptoms to sever physical symptoms that debilitate the addict. Withdrawal symptoms along with drug and alcohol cravings make is feel impossible to quit but with the assistance of a rehab program they can be successfull.

When entering into a rehab program you will go through an assessment process to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Most enter into the detoxification process, cleansing their bodies of drugs and alcohol while receiving a non-addictive prescription medication to lessen any symptoms of withdrawal as well as fight off drug and/or alcohol cravings. Therapy will help you get to the cause of your addiction and teach you how to live your life in sobriety. You will greatly increase your success rate when entering into a rehab program, if you are serious about quitting the Doctors and staff are waiting to help you get your feet on the ground and start on the road to sobriety.