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UnitedHealth Group Insurance

UnitedHealth Group Insurance normally covers an entire drug and alcohol rehab stay, under the  behavioral health programs portion of the insurance holders policy. The intensity of the treatment process and length of the stay all varies on the severity of the addiction. When contacting an drug and alcohol rehab a representative will contact your insurance policy and make sure everything is in place to start you on the road to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When entering into a drug and alcohol rehab you will go through an assessment process, this will allow the Doctors and staff to design an appropriated treatment program for you. Most will go through the detoxification process, this will take place in a relaxed secure environment while your body is being cleansed of toxins and chemicals related to drug and/or alcohol abuse. A Doctor will prescribe you a non-addictive medication to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and fight drug and/or alcohol cravings that have made it seem impossible to quit for so long. Therapy will help you get to the cause of your addiction and educate you on what drugs and alcohol are doing to your body, teaching you how to live a sober life. With the assistance of a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program you can susuccessfully quit this overwhelming addiction and live a more fulfilling sober life.