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Rehab Programs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in the state of Iowa with a total population of 126,326 according to the 2010 United States Census. They city runs a long the Cedar River, just north of Iowa City and east of the states capital,  Des Moines. The city is full of arts and culture, as home to the Ceder Rapids Museum of Art, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, the Paramount Theater, Theater Cedar Rapids, and the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance. Art has played a great roll in Cedar Rapids is nicknamed the “City of Five Seasons”, for the “fifth season”, which is time to enjoy the other four.The symbol of the five seasons is the Tree of Five Seasons sculpture in downtown along the north river bank. The name “Five Seasons” and representations of the sculpture appear throughout the city in many forms. Not only is the city a center for eastern Iowa’s arts and culture, it is an economic hub for the state. The city’s prime location along Interstate 380, with Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Technology Corridor.

 Cocaine Drug Trafficking Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Interstate 380 does not only make Cedar Rapids in the middle of everything, it also makes the city a prime location for Drug Trafficking. Cocaine made out of the country in smuggled into American and distributed throughout the states by running along State highways and Interstates. The major drug being trafficked through the state is Cocaine. The easy availability of Cocaine makes it easy to become addicted.


Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. Cocaine is typically found in powder and snorted. When snorted the drug is absorbed into the blood stream. The part of the brain that deals with pleasure and rewards is directly affected by cocaine, producing an euphoric feeling that makes the drug so addictive as well as increasing ones energy level.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine, known as crack, is a smokable form of cocaine.Crack refers to the popping sound heard when the cocaine rocks are heated. The rocks of crack cocaine are smoked in a crack pipe, the user deeply inhales the vapors, delivering large quantities of the drug to the lungs. The drug then reaches the brain, dopamine gets released, stimulating pleasurable feelings, an immediate euphoric feeling. The high, also known as rush, is usually very intense, yet it does not last very long.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine and Crack cocaine addiction is commonly identified by a person who is compulsively seeking and using cocaine, regardless to the negative consequences. The physical signs of  cocaine abuse vary person to person. Weight loss is one of the most common signs of cocaine use, the drug acts as an appetite suppressant.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addicts enjoy not only the drug but the lifestyle that goes along with it. The body develops an tolerance requiring more of the drug to get high. Users will snort large amounts of the drug throughout the night to keep up their energy and high. What once was just a party drug can easily consume ones life with addiction, their body craves cocaine constantly.

Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crack cocaine addicts often go on binges, sometimes for many days, constantly taking hits from the pipe because the effects of the drug are so short lived. Over time, the users ability to choose if they want to use crack cocaine fades away and the are faced with the compulsive urge to get high.

Health Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine use increases heart rate, elevating the blood pressure and causing fast breathing. Heart attack, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and stroke can result from cocaine abuse. These normally happen to a long term Cocaine user but has happened to one time users as well, everyone’s reaction to the drug is different, some have even overdosed. Symptoms of over dose include, profuse sweating, extremely fast breathing, rapid heart beat, auditory hallucinations and high body temperature.

Its time to quit…

Do not let cocaine control your life any longer. There is help available to you through Rehab Programs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You will go through the detox process, receive medical care for any mental and/or physical condition related to chronic drug use, as well as behavioral modification therapy. Do not wait any longer, contact  a Rehab Program in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today.