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Drug Rehab Programs in Iowa

Growing Need of Addiction Treatment at Rehabs in Iowa

The greatest drug threat in Iowa is crystal meth, followed by marijuana. Other drugs such as heroin and cocaine are recognized as a concern and continue to be readily available. Due to the overwhelming availability of drugs in Iowa as well as the access to the youth, an approximate 8% of individuals between 12-17 reported past month use of an illicit drug. According to results of the 2007 NSDUH, 51,000 Iowa citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year, as well as approximately 38,000 reporting past year drug dependence. During 2008, there were 23,225 admissions to drug and/or alcohol treatment in Iowa. An additional 47,000 Iowa citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for drug use.

Cocaine Remains One of the Most Abused Drugs in Iowa

Cocaine is readily available and one of the most commonly used drugs in Iowa. The majority of the cocaine is coming from both Chicago and California, and is distributed by African American traffickers with ties to drug trafficking organizations in Chicago. Many areas of Iowa have seen an increase in the availability of cocaine, as well as crime directly associated to the illicit drug. During 2008 Federal agencies in Iowa seized approximately 29 kilograms of cocaine.

Herion Trafficking

The majority of the heroin found in Iowa is in the eastern area of the state. Drug trafficking organizations based in Chicago are the main distributors of the drug, and normally go undetected by law enforcement.

The Number One Concern Remains to be Meth Abuse in Iowa

The primary drug of concern in Iowa is methamphetamine. Hispanic drug trafficking organizations transport crystalized Mexican produced meth. There has been an increase in use of locally produced methamphetamine, mainly due to the higher purity than the Mexican produced meth. The increase of locally produced meth is a danger to the community, with a reported 7 children affected by methamphetamine laboratories and a total of 129 clandestine laboratory seizures in 2008. Methamphetamine use is rapidly increasing and 5% of 12th graders reported using the drug at least once.

Marijuana Use Continues to Account for a Significant Amount of Rehab Admissions

Throughout Iowa marijuana is readily available and generally imported from the Southwest Border. Other sources are also Canada and the West Coast of the United States as well as locally grown marijuana. Marijuana has consistently been the leading cause of treatment admissions in Iowa, accounting for approximately 25% of admissions to treatment per year.

Abuse of Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs is Rising

The abuse of club drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy) and GHB is increasing throughout Iowa. The majority of the ecstasy in eastern Iowa is coming from the Netherlands, Spain, New York and California, while in central Iowa the main source is Canada.