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Rehab Programs in Waterloo, Iowa

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Waterloo is the fifth largest city in the state of Iowa with a total population of 68,406 according to the 2010 United State Census. The city is home to the Waterloo Center for the Arts (WCA) is a regional center for visual and performance arts. The permanent collection at the WCA includes artwork featuring the largest collection of Haitian Art in the country, Midwest Regionalist Art (including works by Grant Wood & Thomas Hart Benton), Mexican Folk Art, International Folk Art, American Decorative Arts, and Public Art. The WCA also oversees the Waterloo Community Playhouse, the oldest community theater in Iowa operating since 1916, and the Black Hawk Children’s Theater started in 1982. Both perform in the Hope Martin Theater which opened in 1965. The city is home to many wonderful museums such as The Phelps Youth Pavilion, Grout Museum District, Grout Museum of History & Science, Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum, and Rensselaer Russell House Museum. Waterloo is a city full of heart and cherished history.

Inhalant abuse in Waterloo, Iowa

Inhalant abuse is extremely common in the city of Waterloo and throughout the United States. The term Inhalant abuse refers to the deliberate inhalation or sniffing of commonly found products in the home enviorment with the purpose of “getting high.” Inhalant abuse is so popular because they are easily accessible, legal, everyday products. Inhalant Abuse is a lesser recognized form of substance abuse, but it is no less dangerous, when intentionally misused inhalants can be deadly. Inhalants are highly addictive, often considered to be “gateway” drugs because children often go to harder illegal drugs and alcohol after using from inhalants. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that one in five American teens have used Inhalants to get high.

Ways of Inhalant Abuse

  • Huffing is when a chemically soaked rag is held to the face or stuffed in the mouth and the substance is inhaled.
  • Sniffing can be done directly from containers, plastic bags, clothing or rags saturated with a substance or from the product directly.
  • Bagging, substances are sprayed or deposited into a plastic or paper bag and the vapors are inhaled. This method can result in suffocation because a bag is placed over the individual’s head, cutting off the supply of oxygen.
  • Placing inhalants on sleeves, collars, or other items of clothing that are sniffed over a period of time.
  • Fumes are discharged into soda cans and inhaled from the can or balloons are filled with nitrous oxide and the vapors are inhaled.
  • Heating volatile substances and inhaling the vapors emitted is another form of inhalation.

All of these methods are potentially harmful or deadly. Experts estimate that there are several hundred deaths each year from Inhalant Abuse, although under-reporting is still a problem. Inhaled chemicals are instantly absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream, quickly traveling to the brain and  other organs. The user will feel intoxication within minutes, the high only lasts only a few minutes, it is common that users continue to inhale repeatedly to prolong the high.  There are many effects on the health similar to alcohol abuse. Chronic inhalant abuse can lead to hearing loss, limb spasms, bone marrow, central nervous system damage, as well as serious harm to other vital organs such as liver and kidney damage.

There is help out there…

If you or someone you know is abusing Inhalants contact an Rehab Program in Waterloo, Iowa to begin the recovery process. They will help you from start to finish, entering into a detoxification process to cleanse the body of any drugs and entering into a therapy program to learn how to live a life of sobriety. Do not let inhalants take your life, contact an Rehab Program in Waterloo, Iowa today.