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Rehab Programs in Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Bowling Green is the third largest city in the state of Kentucky with a total population of 58,067 according to the 2010 United States Census. Bowling Green’s economy is a knowledge-based and technology-driven. Bowling Green serves as an education hub for the South Central Kentucky region with one major public university and a technical college. The city also plays an integral part as the leading medical and commercial center.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Bowling Green

In such an high-tech and medically advanced city there is a Prescription Drug Abuse problem with many of its residents. Prescription drug abuse is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription for the experience or feeling it gives. Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused drugs in the United States, nearly 20% of people abuse prescription drugs according to the National Institutes of Health. When prescription drugs are used incorrectly to how they are prescribed they can be highly addictive.

Nearly 500,000 people were admitted to a hospitals emergency department for drug overdoses because of misused prescription drugs in 2000. It is a common perception that prescription drugs are safe than illegal street drugs, this is untrue. Drug addiction alters how the brain functions, and prolonged drug abuse can cause brain damage affective ones way of life. Drug abuse not only affect the physical health of the user but it damages friendships, family and romantic relationships.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

  • Depressants, sedatives and tranquilizers can slow normal brain function. They are prescribed to treat a large variety of health conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks, tension, severe stress reactions, and sleep disorders. Depressant abuse holds many health risks such as loss of coordination, respiratory depression, low blood pressure, dizziness, slurred speech, inability to concentrate, and confusion. Overdose cause coma and death are seen in exstream cases of Depressant abuse.
  • Stimulants are commonly prescribed for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), they are also used to treat a variety of conditions such as asthma, respiratory problems, obesity, and sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. Stimulants are often abused and when taken in higher doses they can produce euphoric, calming effects. Stimulant abuse health risk include increased respiratory and heart rates, vomiting, anxiety, tremors, hostile mood changes. With severe stimulant abuse problem convulsions, cardiovascular collapse and effecting the persons mental health causing suicidal and/or homicidal tendencies.
  • Steroids are used to medically treat low testosterone levels or symptoms of body wasting, as is the case with cancer patients.P hysical appearance, such as a desire to build muscle or change body shape, is the reason for steroid abuse.Health effects vary by person but they can include kidney cancer, liver cysts and cancer, severe acne, hair loss, jaundice and effecting mood “roid-rage”.
  • Narcotic painkillers are drugs prescribed for pain and are only legally available by prescription, when abused they can be very addictive. Abusing painkillers can be very dangerous when taking an dose higher than prescribed or when taken with alcohol or other drugs. Short-term effects of painkiller abuse such as loss of energy, inability to concentrate, nausea and vomiting. Respiratory problems and overdose can occur when taking medications incorrectly, for recreational use.

There is help out there…

Prescription Drug addiction can “Just Happen” when taking medications prescribed for a Doctor or just to get high once in a while, before you know it you are addicted and in need of a rehab program to successfully quit. Do not allow yourself to be a victim to addiction any longer. Rehab Programs in Bowling Green, Kentucky are here to help.

You will enter into a Detox program where you will receive non-addictive prescription medications to lessen the effects of withdrawal, while under a Doctors supervision. You will go through behavioral modification therapy to help you get to the rout cause of your addiction as well as teach you how to live a new sober life free of temptation and relapse. You are not alone, contact an Rehab Program in Bowling Green, Kentucky today.