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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Louisiana

Alcoholism poses a significant threat in Louisiana. The State has become infamous in recent years due to a drastic increase of admissions to Louisiana alcohol rehab programs and the number of citizens struggling with an alcohol addiction. The dependence on or abuse of alcohol has consistently been the leading cause of rehab admission, and alcohol related admissions have increased in recent years. During 2008, alcohol rehab programs in Louisiana reported a total of 7,634 admissions which accounted for 30% of all rehab admissions. As alcohol continues to affect the lives of many individuals as well as family and loved ones of the abuser alcohol rehab programs in Louisiana remain readily accessible. According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment, Louisiana has a total of 145 treatment centers. By looking for an alcohol rehab program you have began the journey on the road to recovery, and also taken an important step admitting there is a problem. Contact us for additional information on Louisiana rehab programs and one of our experienced counselors will assist you.

Underage Drinking in Louisiana

Underage drinking in Louisiana is associated with a long list of preventable problems and costs. During 2007, underage drinking cost the citizens of of Louisiana $1.3 billion, transferring to $2,949 per year for each youth in the State, also ranking Louisiana the 7th highest among the 50 States for the cost per youth of underage drinking. During 2007, alcohol rehab programs reported that underage drinkers represented 6% of all admissions for individuals admitted for the abuse of alcohol in the State. Underage drinking is very widespread throughout Louisiana and an estimated 183,000 underage youth in the State drink each year. According to the Louisiana Caring Communities Youth Survey, 45% of Louisiana high school students reported having at least one drink on one or more occasion in the pst 30 days, and 29% reported binge drinking in the past 30 days. Underage drinking in Louisiana poses an alarming concern, and rates of youth age 12-20 using alcohol are drastically increasing.

Louisiana Alcohol Treatment

Each year in Louisiana thousands of citizens do not receive the proper alcohol treatment. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Louisiana has generally been ranked above the national average for the rate of citizens who report needing but not receiving alcohol treatment in Louisiana. Throughout the State there are many alcohol rehab programs, but not enough individuals are willing to take the first step. If you are here, reading this page, an important step has already been taken in admitting there is a problem. Louisiana alcohol rehab programs are very accessible and very effective. If you or your loved one needs assistance finding the best alcohol treatment suited to your needs, contact us and an experienced counselor will assist you taking an important step on your road to recovery.