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Drug Rehab Programs in Maine

Maine suffers from a widespread abuse of illicit drugs. The state has some of the highest rates of abuse of marijuana among all age groups, as well as other drugs. Among those individuals age 18 to 25, Maine has one of the highest rates of both abuse of and dependence on illicit drugs. Upon admission to drug rehab programs in Maine, the state has seen an increase in the use of marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Drug only admissions have reached a staggering 44% of all treatment admissions, and there has also been a steady increase in admissions mentioning two or more substances of abuse upon treatment admission.

Cocaine is Directly Associated with Crime  in Maine

Throughout the state of Maine, cocaine is readily available. There has been an increase in the popularity of locally converted crack cocaine which is causing major concern. During 2007, approximately 70% of all Federal drug cases in Maine involved powder or crack cocaine.

Heroin Accounts for the Majority of Rehab Admission in Maine

Heroin use in Maine is on the rise. According to drug rehab programs in Maine there has been an increase in the mentions of heroin abuse. The primary source of heroin in Maine is transported from Massachusetts based Dominican trafficking organizations. During 2007, heroin and other opiates accounted for more than 30% of treatment admissions in Maine.

Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine is not major concern in Maine, and abuse and availability of this dangerous drug has remained relatively stable. The small quantities of meth found in Maine is low quality, and known to be transported from California and southwestern states by mail. During 2007 there were 133 units of methamphetamine seized in Maine.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs Remain a Major Concern Throughout the State

The use of club drugs in Maine continues to be a concern. Ecstasy is the most popular club drug in Maine, and continues to be abused by teenagers and college students. There was a total of 45 ecstasy units seized in 2007. One of the primary sources of ecstasy is transported from Canada, and the state of Maine has seen an increase in the availability of Canadian produced “enhanced ecstasy”.

Marijuana is the Most Commonly Abused Drug in Maine

Marijuana continues to be readily available, and also the primary drug of choice in Maine. Caucasian trafficking organizations are the dominant marijuana suppliers throughout Maine, who transport both locally grown marijuana as well as marijuana transported from the southwest border and Canada. Motorcycle gangs in Maine are known to distribute approximately 300-500 pounds of marijuana every month. During 2007 more than 10,000 cultivated marijuana plants were eradicated. Marijuana is the leading cause to drug arrests throughout Maine and also accounted for almost 25% of Federally sentenced drug offenders in 2007.