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Drug Rehab Programs in Maryland

Maryland is suffering with an increasing rate of drug addiction. Drug treatment admissions have almost doubled in recent years, with heroin leading the way as the most drastic increase. International drug traffickers gain access to Maryland through the major seaport located in Baltimore. The trafficking and distribution of heroin has consistently made Baltimore one of the most heroin plagued cities in the nation.

Abusers of Crack Cocaine are Filling the Jails and Rehabs in Maryland

The distribution and abuse of powder and crack cocaine pose a major threat to Maryland. In some areas throughout Maryland, crack cocaine is noted as the primary drug threat. The majority of the cocaine is being supplied from New york City, Atlanta as well as other southwestern states. During 2007 Federal drug seizures totaled 256.4 kilograms of cocaine. Powder or crack cocaine accounted for over 60% of the Federal drug sentences.

Heroin Use is on the Rise Throughout the State

Throughout Maryland the abuse of heroin is on the rise. High purity heroin is readily available in Baltimore. The number of heroin addicts and heroin related crimes in Baltimore are among the highest numbers in the nation. With the widespread availability of heroin in Maryland, many teens and young adults are abusing the drug. In recent years, heroin alone has accounted for 25-30% of all drug treatment admissions.

Availability of Meth is an Increasing Threat

Although methamphetamine being transported from Mexico and the southwestern U.S. is increasing, meth remains only a minor concern in Maryland.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs

Maryland has a large population using club drugs, especially in Baltimore where ecstasy is very popular and widely abused. In addition to ecstasy, Ketamine and GHB are available to a lesser extent. During 2007 there were 126,195 units of ecstasy seized by Federal Law Enforcement.

Maryland Recognizes Marijuana as the Most Abused Drug

The most widely abused and available drug in Maryland continues to be marijuana. The majority of the marijuana is coming from the southwestern U.S. as well as Canada to a lesser extent. In 2006 there were a total of 4,510 marijuana plants either eradicated or seized. Almost half of the 12th graders in Maryland said they have used marijuana.