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Rehab Programs in Frederick, Maryland

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Frederick is the second largest city in the state of Maryland with a total population of 65,239 according to the 2010 United States Census. It is the county seat of Frederick County which is the largest county by area in the state of Maryland. Frederick is located in the north-central part of Maryland, along the Monocacy River. Frederick’s economy is fueled by the U.S. Army’s Fort Detrick and BP Solar. The city is also home to Frederick Municipal Airport. The city serves as a major crossroads for the surrounding areas with Interstate 70 & 270 and U.S. Route’s 340, 40, 15 & 40 Alternate. The city is a perfect setup for Drug Trafficking, unfortunately due to this Frederick’s residents are fighting a battle with drug addiction.

Crack Cocaine Addiction in Frederick, Maryland

Crack Cocaine addiction is a growing problem in the state of Maryland. Crack Cocaine is mainly transported into Maryland by foreign drug trafficking groups. Maryland’s location in relevance to New York makes it a prime spot for the trafficking of these drugs on their way up north. Dominican and Colombian criminal groups based in New York City and Philadelphia and Maryland-based local independent dealers are the primary transporters of cocaine and crack into and through Maryland. It is then distributed and sold by local gangs. Crack cocaine is frequently abused in Maryland and the sale of the drug is also high. Officials are concerned with the threat that crack brings to the states communities. Violent crimes and homicides are often linked to the abuse of crack.

The Facts

  • According to data from the NHSDA, in 1999 the percentage of Maryland residents who reported using cocaine in the year prior to the survey (1.6%) was comparable to the national percentage (1.7%).
  • According to TEDS, In 1999, there was 7,571 cocaine-related admissions to publicly funded facilities in Maryland.
  • According to DAWN data, there was 6,921 cocaine-related Emergency Department Visits in 1999.
  • According to mortality data from DAWN, in the Baltimore metropolitan area the number of deaths in which cocaine was 243 in 2000.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug. It is also referred to as base, iron, rock and just crack. It is the freebase form of cocaine and it is derived from boiling a mixture of powered cocaine with other substances to form a solid substance that looks like white rocks. Crack cocaine is most commonly smoked. It gained the name crack due to the crackling noise it makes when smoked and produced.

The effects of cocaine are felt instantly once a user smokes it. The user experiences an immediate and intense sense of euphoria. This sensation typically last about five minutes to a half an hour. The intense euphoric feeling is due to the user’s brain releasing a large amount of dopamine that was triggered by smoking the crack cocaine. After the initial five to thirty minutes of euphoria the user’s dopamine level plummets leaving them feeling very depressed and down. It is common for a user to smoke more crack cocaine in order to achieve the same euphoric feeling but it is generally unachievable because it takes time for dopamine levels to build back up.

Other common effects of crack cocaine include paranoia, insomnia, increased energy, alertness, loss of appetite, raised body temperature and the intense urge to consume more crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is extremely dangerous and can cause heart attacks, seizures, constricted blood vessels and cardiac or respiratory arrest which can be lethal.

Don’t let crack keep you down…

Crack is a very dangerous drug that ruins peoples lives quicker than most other drugs. The addiction to crack cocaine is so strong that many people spend their whole lives trying to overcome their addiction. Even though it may seem to be impossible, Drug Rehab Programs in Frederick, Maryland can help. Crack treatment programs are aggressive but they have to be in order to attack the crack addiction head on to ensure the addict gets clean and lives a healthy, sober life. Contact a Rehab Program in Frederick, Maryland today.