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Drug Rehab Programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has consistently been above national levels for rates of past year drug dependence. Among various age groups the state has some of the highest rates in the country. In recent years drug only treatment admissions have been drastically increasing, in 2006 drug only admissions accounted for 45% of treatment admissions. Citizens of Massachusetts are not seeking the treatment needed, and the state has generally been above national levels for unmet drug treatment, with the rates for the age group 18-25 consistently being among the highest in the country. The commonly abused drugs in Massachusetts are cocaine and heroin. Recent studies show that cocaine treatment admissions are down, but heroin treatment admissions are on the rise. An alarming concern in Massachusetts is the increasing popularity of OxyContin, which is known as a gateway drug to heroin use.

Cocaine is one of the Primary Drugs Abused in Massachusetts

Cocaine is readily available in Massachusetts and is one of the primary drugs abused. In the past the majority of the cocaine was transported from New York, but there has been an increase of supply coming from the Mexican and U.S. border. Both Dominican and Colombian drug trafficking organizations dominate the importation of cocaine into Massachusetts. However, to a lesser extent, Mexican drug trafficking organizations are also importing cocaine into Massachusetts. During 2007 almost 60% of Federal drug cases involved powder or crack cocaine.

Heroin Remains one of the Leading Drugs Mentioned Upon Rehab Admission

Throughout the state of Massachusetts heroin is readily available and widely abused. The majority of the heroin is supplied by both Dominican and Colombian drug traffickers from New York. Heroin accounted for 43% of drug treatment admissions in 2007. Distribution and abuse of heroin is steadily increasing and leading to more individuals being affected by this horrible drug.

MethAbuse  is a Growing Threat

The availability of methamphetamine in Massachusetts is limited, with recent seizures reflecting an increase of crystal meth in the state. Methamphetamine is gaining popularity among the 18-25 age group as well as individuals in their late 30’s to early 40’s. Federal Agencies seized a total of 5.2 kilograms of methamphetamine in 2007.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs

Club drugs in Massachusetts are popular at rave parties, nightclubs and on college campuses. The most popular club drug is ecstasy which remains widely available. The majority of ecstasy in Massachusetts is transported by Asian drug trafficking organizations. During 2007 Federal Agencies seized a total of 48,340 units.

Marijuana Use is Common Among Highschool Students and Leads to Thousands of Rehab Admissions

Marijuana continues to be readily available throughout Massachusetts with the majority being transported from Mexico as well as southwestern U.S. Studies from 2007 indicate 41% of high school students in Massachusetts reported lifetime marijuana use. During the same year a total of 3,536 individual were admitted to a drug rehab program in Massachusetts for marijuana abuse.