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Rehab Programs in Springfield, Massachusetts

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Springfield is the third largest city in the state of Massachusetts with a population of 153,060 according to the 2010 United States Census Report. Springfield is the largest city on the Connecticut River which is New England’s longest river. The city is also the county seat of Hampden County. Springfield is the urban, economic, and cultural capital of Massachusetts’ Connecticut River Valley. Springfield has several nicknames – The City of Firsts, because of its many innovations, The City of Homes, due to its attractive Victorian residential architecture, and Hoop City, because basketball was invented in Springfield.

Springfield has a growing problem with Methamphetamine addiction. Many of the cities residents have fallen victim to this highly addictive stimulant. Methamphetamine production occurs in Massachusetts, but on a very small scale. According to El Paso Intelligence Center methamphetamine laboratory seizure data, only six laboratories were seized in Massachusetts in 1992 to 1999. Methamphetamine supply is also brought in by gangs such as the OMG’s and Hells Angels. Most methamphetamine in Massachusetts arrives from California and the southwestern United States by mail. Law enforcement are doing whatever they can to stop the sales and use of Methamphetamine with drug seizures and arrests.


Methamphetamine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. The drug works directly on the brain and spinal cord by interfering with normal neurotransmitters. The main neurotransmitter affected by methamphetamine is dopamine, enhancing mood and body movement. Methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse and dependence. It is illegally produced and sold in pill form, capsules, powder and chunks. Street names for Methamphetamine are meth, speed, crank, chalk, go-fast, zip, cristy, LA, ice, crystal, 64glass, or quartz. When methamphetamine is injected or smoked it immediately produces an intensely pleasurable sensation known as a “rush” or a “flash” by releasing high levels of dopamine in the brain. Snorting methamphetamine produces an euphoric sensation, but not a rush.

Immediate effects of Methamphetamine use

The immediate effects of Methamphetamine use  can be those which the user is getting high for such as a euphoric feeling, increased wakefulness and physical activity. The drug also decreases appetite, irritability, confusion, anxiety, and tremors. It is known to increase respiration, heart rate and blood pressure, cause irregular heart beat and cardiovascular collapse. Hyperthermia and convulsions can be fatal. Methamphetamine can also cause irreversible damage to the blood vessels in the brain, resulting in a stroke.

Long-term effects of Methamphetamine use

The long-term use of methamphetamine can cause damage to the brain similar to that caused by Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and epilepsy. This brain damage lingers for months even after the user stops methamphetamine use. Chronic meth use can also result in violent and/or psychotic behaviors, auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances, homicidal or suicidal thoughts, delusions and paranoia. Methamphetamine abuse can produce extreme anorexia. Even over a short period of use, methamphetamine can cause drastic changes in the appearance of the user.

There is Help out there, Contact a Springfield Rehab

Rehab Programs in Springfield, Massachusetts are here to help you over come this addiction. When you enter into the program you will go threw the detox process to cleanse your body of any drugs, you will be given non-addictive prescription medications under the supervision of a Doctor to lessen the symptoms of Withdrawal. You will receive Behavioral Modification therapy to get to the rout cause of your addiction as well as teach you how to live a new life of sobriety. You will also receive medical attention to any physical or psychological conditions that you may have as a result of chronic Methamphetamine use.  Do not wait any longer, contact a Rehab Programs in Springfield, Massachusetts today.