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Drug Rehab Programs in Michigan

The primary drug threats in Michigan are cocaine, heroin, marijuana and ecstasy. Michigan has been suffering from the abuse and dependence of these drugs for many years, and in recent years methamphetamine addiction has had an overwhelming affect on peoples lives. Rates of illicit drug use in Michigan have generally been higher than national levels. The youth in Michigan are at great risk with drug dependence rates among individuals 12-17 being some of the highest on the country. The most noticeable increases by drug treatment admissions have been marijuana, heroin and other opiates. The overwhelming abuse and availability of cocaine has remained at high rates, accounting for on average 30% of drug treatment admissions yearly.

Cocaine Abuse Continues to be Severe in Michigan

The availability of both powder and crack cocaine remains very high. Mexican drug trafficking organizations with ties to the Southwest Border and Colombian cocaine cartels dominate the distribution of cocaine in Michigan. Federal Agencies in Michigan seized a total of 295 kilograms of cocaine during 2007.

Herion Abuse

Heroin is available throughout Michigan, and more so through the metropolitan area of Detroit as well as other high populated areas. South America, Mexico and Africa are all known sources of heroin transported into Michigan. Popularity of heroin is increasing as many OxyContin abusers are turning to heroin due to the lower price. Heroin and other opiates accounted for more 20% Michigan drug rehab program admissions.

Michigan is Experiencing an Increase in Meth Abuse

During 2008, Michigan saw a drastic increase of methamphetamine lab seizures. During 2007 there were 164 reported methamphetamine laboratory incidents. In addition there was 1 child death and an additional 50 children affected by meth labs in Michigan.

Abuse of Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs is on the Rise

The use of club drugs has been steadily increasing, with a widespread availability of ecstasy, ketamine and GHB. The majority of the ecstasy is being transported from areas around Toronto, Ontario. During 2007 Federal Agencies in Michigan seized a total of 53 kilograms and 719,139 units of ecstasy.

Marijuana is the Most Accesible Drug in Michigan

Marijuana continues to be the most commonly used and readily available drug in Michigan. Indoor grown Canadian marijuana is transported into the U.S. by means of the Northern Border. Although the majority of marijuana sold in Michigan originated in Mexico, there is an increasing demand for more potent Canadian marijuana. As a result of this increase seizures at the Northern Border have significantly increased. During 2007 there was a total of 2,649 kilograms of marijuana seized by Federal Agencies.