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Rehab Programs in Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth is the fourth largest city in the state of Minnesota with a total population of 86,265 according to the 2010 United States Census. The city is located at the westernmost point of the Great Lakes, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Named the “Twin Ports”, Duluth shared the Duluth-Superior Harbor with Superior, Wisconsin. They are the Great Lake’s largest port transporting coal, iron ore, and grain.Duluth attracts many tourist with America’s only all-freshwater aquarium, the Great Lakes Aquarium, the Aerial Lift Bridge and Minnesota Point.

Marijuana in Duluth

In this amazing city there is a growing problem with Marijuana Abuse. Marijuana addiction is an uncontrollable urge to possess and use the drug. According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, in 1999, 5.3 percent of Minnesota residents reported having abused marijuana in the month prior to the survey. Marijuana is an addictive drug that has long been considered the “Gate Way Drug” because many of it users start using harder illicit drugs.

Many with an addiction to marijuana are not able to stop using the drug even if they desire to do so. It is common that a person with marijuana addiction will make excuse after excuse after excuse for why that can not quit of why now is not a good time to stop using the drug. These people find themselves at the point of requiring a treatment facility to stop use of Marijuana. TEDS data report that marijuana-related treatment admissions to publicly funded facilities was 8,050 in 2000.  The growing abuse of Marijuana is a great concern for Duluth residents as well are the surrounding area. Marijuana’s THC level is growing more powerful each day, those growing it are engineering Marijuana to their specifications, this makes it even more addictive. This also makes it harder to fight the addiction.

Marijuana becomes an obsession

Marijuana addicts frequent obsess over the drug, thinking about it all the time, where and when to get it,  will there be enough, will it be good enough, how can I get money to buy more. Marijuana addiction also causes physical cravings that comes when the body begins to develop a tolerance to it. Most addicts require smoking more marijuana to feel the same effect that just a few hits used to produce. With chronic use of Marijuana the brains chemicals are disrupted and new neurological pathways develop. This affects the pleasure centers and can cause depression and anxiety when attempts are made to quit. Duluth, Minnesota Rehab Programs are here to help, there is no need to obsess over your next score, there is a life of sobriety waiting for you.

It is time to quit…

Treatment for Marijuana addiction addresses both the mind and body. Detox is the first step of treatment for an Marijuana addict. They require marijuana detox before recovery and abstinence can begin. The other step of treatment for a Marijuana addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy in both a group and one-on-one setting. The addict will be assessed and then given a custom treatment plan that is designed to deal with the addicts specific problem. Those fighting marijuana addiction will often find themselves in a position of temptation, this the help of out patient counseling and support groups it will make it easier to ignore temptation and continue on the road of recovery. Stop making excuses, it is time to stop abusing Marijuana and seek help. Contact a Duluth, Minnesota Rehab Program today and start your recovery.