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Rehab Programs in Gulfport, Mississippi

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Gulfport is the second largest city in the state of Mississippi with a total population of 67,793 according to the 2010 United States Census report. The city is located along the Gulf Of Mexico, its beachfront location makes it a huge draw for tourist. The city is home to a number of festivals and concerts annually.  With a diverse culture, tourists get to experience all different walks in life in Gulfport. Everyone is welcome in Gulfport wither it is to visit to live.

Alcohol Abuse can get out of control and forever change your life

Many go on vacation and enjoy a few drinks while out on the town, but for others they get out of control. Before they know it things are out of control an alcohol begins to become a huge part of their daily life. Alcohol abuse can be recreation, social and binge drinking. It is a pattern of drinking that can result in ongoing alcohol-related relationship difficulties and the failure to attend to important responsibilities at home, school, or work. Alcohol abuse can result in the experience of recurring alcohol-related legal problems (such as multiple DUIs) and alcohol-related physical injury during a twelve-month time frame. Alcohol abuse is not considered alcoholism but is commonly mistaken as it. Alcohol abuser can drink and stop without the feelings of any withdrawal symptoms that an person with Alcoholism has.


Many individuals who drink excessively, who binge drink even a few times per year, or who regularly abuse alcohol for whatever reason and in any fashion can ultimately become addicted to alcohol (Alcoholism). Alcoholism is a disease that causes a lack of control to limit one’s drinking on any given occasion or over time. The body begins to develop a tolerance requiring one to drink more and more alcohol in order to experience the same effects of drinking. The body soon to develops cravings, a strong recurring urge to drink. The body eventually builds a full physical dependence to alcohol. One will experience withdrawal symptoms when drinking is abruptly stopped. These symptoms are anxiety, headaches, sweating, tremors “the shakes”, nausea and vomiting.

Long-term Alcohol use can lead to health risks.

The Liver- Alcohol-induced liver disease (ALD) consist of many different forms of liver disease. Fatty liver which is a buildup of fat in the liver, this can lead or be a sign of much worse liver disease. Alcoholic hepatitis which is an inflammation of the liver that can cause scarring and hardening of the liver. Cirrhosis which is when scarring from alcoholic hepatitis becomes extensive, this can be fatal. Liver cancer which is altering the liver’s ability to metabolize some carcinogenic substances into harmless compounds or to disable certain existing carcinogens, this is often fatal.

The Heart- Alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the Heart such as high cholesterol which caused by raised levels of fat in the blood known as triglycerides, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia which is an abnormal irregular heartbeat, cardiomyopathy which is when the heart muscle becomes inflamed and stops working efficiently and sudden cardiac death.

The Brain – Alcohol has great affects on the brain with a change in brain development, altering chemical balances and causing neurological damage.

It’s time to put the drink down and go to a Gulfport Rehab

In Gulfport, Mississippi there are many rehab programs that are designed to help over come the consuming addiction to Alcohol. If you are ready to quit drinking and begin a new life of sobriety there is help out there. When entering into the Gulfport, Mississippi rehab program you will go threw the Detox process. Withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating, you will be offered a non-addictive prescription medication that will be monitored by a Doctor to help lessen theses symptoms and increase your chance of success. You will go threw behavioral modification therapy to learn how to live without alcohol.  In 2005, there was 6,800 admissions to drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities in Mississippi. You are not alone with your addiction, there is no shame in seeking help. Contact an Gulfport, Mississippi Rehab Program today.