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Rehab Programs in Southaven, Mississippi

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Southhaven is the fifth most populated city in the state of Mississippi. According to the 2010 United States Census the city has a population of 48,982. Southaven is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. Seeing many inspiring musicians. Many choose to live in Southaven and commute to the big city of Memphis rather than live there.

Cocaine Trafficking, Distribution and Abuse in Southaven, Mississippi

Cocaine has been a huge problem in the state of Mississippi for years, the drug threatens the way of life for residents of Southaven and law enforcement are doing all they can to fight it. Cocaine distribution, sales, is bringing an unwanted high level of crime to the city. Street gangs such as the Vice Lords, the Wood Street Players, and the Four Corner Hustlers a heavily involved in the trafficking and distribution of powder cocaine and crack cocaine in the state of Mississippi. With the large number of direct routs into the state, land, air and water, Mississippi is an ideal place for drug trafficking. In 2001, 82.1 Kgs. of cocaine was seized by federal law enforcement in efforts to shut down drug trafficking and distribution in the state of Mississippi.


Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant and it is a powerful nervous system stimulant. Cocaine is also referred to as coke, powder, snow, yeyo, blow, fine china, and white horse. It is most commonly crushed into a fine white powder and ingested through “snorting” or “sniffing” it up the nasal passage and into the sinus cavity. Cocaine can also be ingested by oral consumption, injection into the bloodstream, through suppository use and as an inhalant. Its users choose to use this drug because of the sense of euphoria and alertness with increased energy its high produces, as well as it increases ones libido and sexual stamina.

Cocaine can have unpredictable effects on the user but generally effects include, obsessive behavior, wakefulness, uncontrollable twitching, loss of appetite, paranoia, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, insomnia, and diarrhea. The use of cocaine can be very dangerous because it can raise the user’s blood pressure and put them at risk for heart attack and stroke. Cocaine users typically experience a coming down period when the effects of the drug begin to wear off. This coming down period usually includes feelings of irritability, anxiety, aggression, depression, the sensation of one’s flesh crawling and the strong urge to use cocaine again. Cocaine is highly addictive and extremely dangerous.


Crack cocaine is the freebase form of cocaine that is generally smoked. Slang terms for crack cocaine include base, rock, crack, bazooka and candy. Crack cocaine is referred to as crack due to the crackling sound it makes while being manufactured or smoked. Its users are attracted to the feeling of euphoria, increased energy, alertness and confidence that follows its high. The effects are short lived and usually only last from ten minutes to a half an hour.

The effects of using crack cocaine includes loss of appetite, insomnia and an intense urge to consume more crack cocaine. When the effects of the drug begin to wear off the user experiences feelings of depression which usually makes the user want to consume more of the drug. Crack cocaine is also extremely addictive and dangerous.

Contact a Mississippi Rehab for the Help You Need

Do not continue to be a victim to cocaine and crack any longer. It is time to take back your life and Southaven, Mississppi Rehab Programs can help you over come this addiction. You will enter into a relaxed environment to go threw the detox process. With the assistance of non-addictive prescription medications and under a Doctors supervision you will be able to make it threw the symptoms of withdrawal with just minor discomfort. Because cocaine and crack addiction is mainly psychological you will go threw behavioral modification therapy to help you change your way of life and thinking to help you remain sober after leaving the program. After leaving you are strongly encouraged to join  12 step group to help you remain sober and help you fight any future cravings. Do not wait any longer, contact an Southaven, Mississippi Rehab Program today and start on the road to recovery.