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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Montana

Montana has long struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, and recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health states Montana has some of the highest rates in the country. Among various age groups the state has consistently had some of the highest rates for past month illicit drug use, past month marijuana use, past year marijuana use, past month use of an illicit drug other than marijuana, past year nonmedical use of pain relievers, past month alcohol use and past month binge alcohol use which was among all age groups. The age group 12-17 is recognized as being at the greatest risk, being in all these measures consistently from 2002 until the most recent studies. During 2007 there were 7,937 admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs in Montana, with alcohol only admissions accounting for 22.4% and alcohol with the use of a secondary drug accounting for 38.4%.

Montana Alcohol Rehab Programs

Montana has consistently been ranked one of the highest in the country for past years alcohol dependence rates, and in 2005-2006 these rates were among the highest for all age groups. According to data from the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, alcohol mentions upon treatment admission have remained relatively steady. Alcohol only without the use of a secondary drug accounted for almost 23% of admissions in 2007, and these numbers continue decrease slowly as admissions for alcohol with the use of a secondary drug are rising. One of the only measures that Montana has been below national rates, in terms of alcohol use and treatment is the rate of unmet need for alcohol treatment.

Drug Rehab Programs in Montana

Similar to the alcohol dependence issues of Montana, the state also has a rate higher than the national average for past years dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs, and for age group 12-17 rates have been among the highest in the country. In recent years Montana has witnessed an increase of mentions of marijuana as well as methamphetamine upon treatment admission. The percentage of methamphetamine admissions has increase drastically by more than 400% compared to recent years and currently accounts for more than 30% of admissions. During 2006 treatment admissions for the abuse of both alcohol and drugs increased to 60%. It is no surprise with increasing rates of drug dependence and abuse that the rate of unmet need for drug treatment has been above national rates for all age groups, and among the highest in the country for individuals age 12-17.

Recover with Help from Montana Alcohol & Drug Rehabs

According to data from the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services there were a total of 57 treatment facilities in 2006, consisting of 31 private nonprofit, 5 private for profit, 11 facilities owned/operated by the Federal Government and 4 owned/operated by tribal governments. Outpatient treatment was offered by 95% of the facilities and 8 facilities offered residential care. An additional 7 treatment programs and 11 physicians were certified to treat opiate addiction with buprenorphine treatment.

Although the majority of insurance companies in Montana are not required to cover treatment cost, there are many options when considering an alcohol and drug rehab program in Montana. In addition to the number of private drug and alcohol rehab programs there are also many nonprofit facilities offering treatment, very affordable or free to care for you or your loved one in need.