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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Montana

During 2007, rehab programs in Montana had reported that the abuse of or dependence on alcohol had accounted for 60% of all rehab admissions, with a total of 4,825 admissions mentioning the abuse of alcohol. Further studies from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health also indicate that Montana has generally been ranked among the highest in the country for measures of past month alcohol use as well as past month binge alcohol use. Measuring the abuse of or dependence on alcohol, Montana has also consistently been among the highest in the country for all age groups. Montana continues to struggle with overwhelming rates of alcohol use, and the situation is not improving. As more and more citizens of Montana struggle with alcoholism, the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services indicates that the number of rehab programs have remained stable at 57. Of those, 31 are private non profit, 5 are private for profit, 11 rehab centers are under the aegis of the Federal Government and the remainder of the treatment centers are owned/operated by tribal governments. Help is available, and only a phone call away. Contact our helpline if you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism, and would like more information on alcohol rehab programs in Montana.

Underage Drinking in Montana

Underage drinking in Montana cost the citizens $251 million during 2007, which translates to $2,694 per year for each youth in the State making Montana the 12th highest among the 50 states. During 2007, alcohol rehab programs in Montana reported that 701 youth age 12-20 years old were admitted for alcohol treatment, which accounted for 13% of all treatment admissions for the abuse of alcohol in Montana. An estimated 47,000 underage youth in Montana drink each year, and drastically increase the likelihood of developing a dependency on alcohol, or becoming abusers of alcohol. Studies show that young people who begin drinking before age 15 are four more times likely to develop alcohol dependence and are two and a half times more likely to become abusers of alcohol than those who begin drinking at age 21. This study is very alarming considering that according to the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 26% of high school students in Montana reported having their first drink of alcohol before age 13. Additional data indicates that 33% of high school students reported binge drinking in the past 30 days. For youth in Montana struggling with an addiction to alcoholism there are numerous rehab programs available. For more information on what alcohol rehab programs in Montana will best suit the needs of your child, family member or loved one, contact our helpline for more information.

Alcohol Treatment in Montana

Montana has an overwhelming rate of unmet alcohol treatment. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Montana’s rate of citizens needing but not receiving treatment for alcohol abuse is higher than the national average. There are numerous options when seeking alcohol treatment in Montana. Options vary from inpatient alcohol treatment programs to residential alcohol treatment programs. Citizens of Montana suffering from alcoholism should lake advantage of the amount of help that is available. If you or a loved one need help choosing the best alcohol rehab program in Montana best suited for your needs, contact our helpline for additional assistance.