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Rehab Programs in Grand Island, Nebraska

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Grand Island is the fourth largest city in Nebraska. According to the 2010 Census the population is 48,520. It is the County seat of Hall County and part of the Grand Island Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is the largest inland island in the world. The island is formed by Wood River and Platte River. In 1857 thirty-five German settlers build housing and took up residency on the land that is now Grand Island. The settlers were faced with many hardships while inhabiting the area including harsh weather conditions, conflicts with local Native American tribes and their crops being destroyed by prairie fires and grasshoppers. The settlers eventually moved from the original settlement to a site laid out by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1862. The town’s population grew and it was officially incorporated as a city in 1872. The city is now a major shopping hub for central Nebraska. The economy is largely supported by manufacturing plants. Grand Island is also home to the Nebraska State Fair and the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC). Popular tourist attractions in Grand Island include LE. Ray Lake, Pier Lake,  Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Nebraska Nature Center, Fonner Park and Central Nebraska Ethnic Festival. Grand Island also suffers from an ongoing drug problem that plagues the city. The distribution and abuse of marijuana has had a negative effect on Grand Island.

Marijuana and gang activity in Grand Island, Nebraska

Marijuana is the most commonly abused and the most widely available drug in Nebraska. This is also true for the City of Grand Island. There is a very high abuse rate within the city. Marijuana is a cause for concern for many Grand Island residents because it results in gang activity in the city. Much of the marijuana that is present in Grand Island comes from Mexico, California and the Southwest. Local cultivation of marijuana is also common. It is transported into the city in private and commercial vehicles and brought in mainly by Mexican criminal groups. It is then distributed by local street gangs and independent dealers. Gangs that distribute marijuana in Grand Island are also known to commit violent acts. The East Side Locos are a predominant gang in Grand Island and they are responsible for large number of violent crimes within in the city.  There have been many recent arrests that involved members of the East Side Locos gang that were drug related. Marijuana abuse is also a cause for concern in Grand Island because it is commonly available to minors and even sold within schools.


Marijuana, or cannabis, is a widely popular and commonly used drug around the world. It has been used by humans since the third millennium BC. Marijuana use and cultivation was common and legal in the United States until the twentieth century. It is considered to be a psychoactive drug that is derived from the leaves, flowers and stems of the cannabis plant. Slang terms for marijuana are weed, trees, pot, bud, ganja, reefer, grass, and Mary Jane. Marijuana is typically consumed by smoking the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant.  There are many different tools people use to consume marijuana smoke. These tools include pipes, water pipes, bongs, hookahs, rolling papers to roll it into cigarettes or “joints” and tobacco leaves to roll it into “blunts”. Marijuana can also be eaten. Marijuana use can affect people very differently. Common effects of marijuana include relaxation, heightened mood, loss of motivation, increased appetite, dizziness, confusion, increased laughter, anxiety, paranoia, pain relief, decreased motor skills, slowed reflexes, drowsiness, trouble concentration, and distorted perceptions. Marijuana is commonly abused by young people and is generally the first drug many people use. This has given marijuana the reputation as the gateway drug. Most people who go on to use more dangerous illicit drugs start drug abuse with marijuana. Marijuana use can lead to harm to the user and others and can lead to dependency on the drug.

It’s time to get Help from a Rehab in Grand Island, Nebraska

Addiction is a powerful disease that can take hold of people’s lives. The treatment centers in Grand Island, Nebraska are ready to help individuals with addictions to marijuana and other drugs. It’s time to get help and live a sober life.