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Rehab Programs in Omaha, Nebraska

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Omaha is located in the Midwestern United States along the Missouri River. It is the largest city in the state. According to the 2010 Census the population is 408,958. It is nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” due to the Lone Tree Ferry which was a ferry that crossed the Missouri River. The Lone Tree Ferry was essential to the founding of Omaha. Omaha was originally inhabited by a number of Native American tribes including the Omaha and Ponca tribes. It became part of the United States in 1854 when the chief of the Omaha tribe ceded the land to speculators from Council Bluffs, Iowa. The name Omaha means “Dwellers of the Bluff”. The climate in Omaha is humid continental with hot summers and cold winters. In 1912 it became the home of the first chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It is currently the home of five Fortune 500 companies. It is ranked number eight among the nation’s largest cities in both per capita billionaires and Fortune 500 companies. Omaha was also named 2009’s “Best Bang-For-The Buck City” in the nation by Forbes magazine. It has also been named as one of Newsweek’s Top 10 high tech havens in the nation. The economy in Omaha is diverse and includes banking, architecture/construction, insurance, transportation and telecommunications. It is home to the largest community theater in the United States, the Omaha Community Playhouse. Omaha is renowned for its historical and cultural attractions and it is home to one of the world’s premier zoos, the Henry Doorly Zoo. Unfortunately Omaha is also infested with ongoing crack cocaine problem.

Crack Cocaine abuse in Omaha, Nebraska

Crack cocaine is a significant threat to Omaha, Nebraska. There is a high level of crack abuse within the city and it readily available on the streets.  Powered cocaine is brought into the city by Mexican criminal groups through the use of private and commercial vehicles. It is distributed to street gangs and local independent drug dealers who then convert it into crack cocaine and sell it on the streets of Omaha. Crack cocaine abuse and distribution are both frequently associated with violent crime. Crack cocaine abusers are known to commit crimes such as robbery and aggravated assault in order to support their addiction to the drug. Distributors of the drug are known to commit violent crimes in order to protect their selling territory. Battles among street gangs who are fighting for drug territory are common in Omaha.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug. It is also referred to as base, iron, rock and just crack. It is the freebase form of cocaine and it is derived from boiling a mixture of powered cocaine with other substances to form a solid substance that looks like white rocks. Crack cocaine is most commonly smoked. It gained the name crack due to the crackling noise it makes when smoked and produced. The effects of cocaine are felt instantly once a user smokes it. The user experiences an immediate and intense sense of euphoria. This sensation typically last about five minutes to a half an hour. The intense euphoric feeling is due to the user’s brain releasing a large amount of dopamine that was triggered by smoking the crack cocaine. After the initial five to thirty minutes of euphoria the user’s dopamine level plummets leaving them feeling very depressed and down. It is common for a user to smoke more crack cocaine in order to achieve the same euphoric feeling but it is generally unachievable because it takes time for dopamine levels to build back up. Other common effects of crack cocaine include paranoia, insomnia, increased energy, alertness, loss of appetite, raised body temperature and the intense urge to consume more crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is extremely dangerous and can cause heart attacks, seizures, constricted blood vessels and cardiac or respiratory arrest which can be lethal.

You are not alone, Get Hel from a Omaha Rehab

The treatment centers in Omaha, Nebraska can help individuals overcome their addictions to crack cocaine and other drugs and alcohol. You do not have to fight your addiction alone. Trained professionals who are experienced in addiction can provide the support, knowledge and guidance that is crucial in order to overcome addiction and achieve sobriety.