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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Nevada

Nevada has a long history of substance abuse. In the past alcohol as well as cocaine and heroin have been very popular and widely abused. In recent years methamphetamine has become the most significant drug problem within the state. There is also an overwhelming availability of club drugs in Nevada. Alcoholism and drug addiction are spreading like wild fire throughout the state, and are believed to be the leading causes of Nevada having some of the highest rates of depression in the country. Among ages 26 and older Nevada has also consistently had one of the highest rates of past month illicit drug use, and past year non medical use of pain relievers among age groups 12 and older as well as 26 and older. Both the rates of abuse or dependence on alcohol and/or drugs have generally been at or above the national rates.

Nevada Alcohol Rehab Programs

Nevada rate of abuse or dependence on alcohol have consistently been at or above the national average. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates these rates have been consistent among all age groups across all survey years. Data from the Treatment Episode Data Set report alcohol only admissions have declined in recent years, and in 2006 accounted for approximately 25% of treatment admissions. Even with admissions declining there are many Nevada citizens who are not receiving the proper alcohol treatment for their addiction. The rate of Nevada citizens needing and not receiving treatment for alcohol addiction has generally bee above the national average.

Drug Rehab Programs in Nevada

Nevada drug rehab programs have been experiencing a rapid increase of admissions for methamphetamine abuse. In recent years drug only admissions have more than tripled, and accounted for 35% of all treatment admissions during 206. Although rates of abuse and dependence on illicit drug has been rising throughout Nevada, the state has a rate of abuse and dependence at or below the national rates. In addition Nevada continues to have a rate of unmet drug treatment that has been at or below the national rates.

Let a Nevada Alcohol & Drug Rehab Help You

Nevada had a total of 77 drug and alcohol rehab programs during 2006 according to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. 41 of these facilities were private non profit, 22 were private for profit and an additional 5 facilities were owned/operated by Tribal governments. More than 90% of these drug and alcohol rehab programs in Nevada provided outpatient care, and 15 facilities offered some form of inpatient or residential care. Another 9 facilities offered drug rehab programs for opioid addiction with 56 physicians certified to provide buprenorphine treatment.

There are many drug and alcohol rehab programs to choose from in Nevada, and the majority of insurance companies will cover the treatment of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. In addition there are also several non profit treatment facilities that are very affordable or free for those in need of treatment. There are many options when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab program in Nevada, let us help you or your loved one find the right one.