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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in New Hampshire

Alcoholism and drug addiction continue to be a major problem within New Hampshire. Alcohol remains the primary substance of abuse and accounts for the majority of treatment admissions. The availability of methamphetamine continues to grow throughout New Hampshire and poses major threats to the community. Both cocaine and heroin remain readily available, and together combine to account for more than 20% of treatment admissions, and mentions upon admission are continuing to rise. Other drugs such as ecstasy are known to be readily available, but not widely abused. Among ages 18-25 New Hampshire has had some of the highest rates in the country of past month illicit drug use, past month marijuana use, past year marijuana use, past year cocaine use, past month binge alcohol use, as well as past month alcohol use among age groups 12+, 18-25 and 26+. Reports provided by the Treatment Episode Data Set indicate that from 1992 to 2006, treatment admissions have doubled to 5,729 admissions.

New Hampshire Alcohol Rehab Programs

New Hampshire is generally ranked among the highest in the country for rates of dependence on or abuse of alcohol. Particularly true among individuals age 18-25 who have consistently been ranked with the highest in the country. Additional information from the TEDS indicates alcohol only admissions, without the use of a secondary substance accounted for 25% of treatment admissions in 2006. There are many individuals within New Hampshire not receiving the needed alcohol treatment. The state has generally had rates of unmet alcohol treatment above the national rates, and during 2005-2006 citizens age 18-25 were among the highest in the country.

Drug Rehab Programs in New Hampshire

Among individuals age 18-25 and 12-17, New Hampshire rates of dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs have consistently been among national rates. The 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported for the same age groups New Hampshire rates of drug dependence or abuse were among the highest in the country. Additional data from the TEDS indicates that drug only treatment admissions more than tripled, accounting for a staggering 23% of drug rehab program admissions. For all age groups except those 26+, New Hampshire has a rate of unmet drug treatment above the national average. NSDUH data reported that for individuals age 12-17 rates of unmet drug treatment have generally been among the highest in the country.

New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs Offer Addiction Answers

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reports a total of 57 drug and alcohol rehab programs in New Hampshire. Of the total, 43 are private non profit, 10 are private for profit and a tribal government owned/operated 1 facility in New Hampshire. Some facilities in New Hampshire offer residential treatment or outpatient treatment, while some offer both. During 2006 74% offered outpatient care, and 17 facilities offered residential treatment. An additional 6 drug rehab centers offered an opioid treatment program, with a total of 10 drug rehab programs and 23 physcians certified to provide buprenorphine for the treatment of opiate addiction.

Individuals within New Hampshire who have the proper insurance are able to attend very high quality drug and alcohol rehab programs. In addition to these centers there are many respected affordable or even free rehab programs to get the help you or you loved one needs. No matter the financial situation, you or your loved one can get the help needed, contact us today so e can help find the right drug and alcohol rehab program in New Hampshire.