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Rehab Programs in Derry, New Hampshire

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Derry is a town located in the state of New Hampshire, in Rockingham County. Derry has a growing population of 33,109 according to the 2010 census report, it is the fourth most populated in the state. Known as “Space-town”, earning this nickname by being the birthplace of Alan Shepard, the first US astronaut in space. Derry is a beautiful place to live. At the highest point in the town, Warner Hill, the Boston skyline can been seen on a clear day. The city is an hour from everywhere… an hour from Boston, an hour from the seacoast and an hour from the base of the great White Mountains of New Hampshire.Derry is a large town with a small town feel its residents take great pride in.

A large town with a large secret, Marijuana abuse…

Marijuana is the most frequently abused drug in New Hampshire, its use is common even among elementary school age youth. Marijuana is most easily available illegal drug throughout the state. Mexican DTOs transport marijuana into New Hampshire from Mexico by using express mail services and private vehicles, then distributed to dealers to sell the drug to New Hampshire residents. Marijuana is also produced within New Hampshire in illegal indoor and outdoor growth shops, this is generally produced and distributed by users who sell the drug to friends and associates.

Many Marijuana users are finding themselve addicted and in need of the help of a treatment facility to over come their addiction. Marijuana and hashish ranked first in admissions for publicly funded treatment as the principal substance of abuse in 1997 and in 1998, according to TEDS data. Local and state police are doing all they can to stop the distribution and use of Marijuana throughout the state by making arrests and drug seizures. Despite their attempts, Marijuana is still being abused by an jaw dropping number of state residents, and a growing younger group.


Marijuana is a derived from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves. The main active chemical in marijuana, also present in other forms of cannabis, is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). There are over 400 chemicals found in the cannabis plant, THC affects the brain the most. Most commonly Marijuana is rolled into a cigarette called a joint, it can also be smoked in a water pipe known as a bong, rolled into a cigar known as a blunt or even brewed into teas and mixed into foods. The more often Marijuana is used, the more is needed to obtain the same type of high because a tolerance develops. Along with a tolerance many develop dependency and addiction to the drug. Using marijuana begins to control every aspect of their lives and negatively effects relationships, work and school, it causes its users to feel lazy and all they want is to smoke more marijuana.

The effects of Marijuana

  • memory and learning dificulties
  • distorted perception -sights, sounds, time, touch
  • trouble with thinking and problem solving
  • loss of motor coordination
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiety
  • risks of cancer

Derry, NH Treatment Facilities

Don’t waste another minute smoking Marijuana, being a “burn out”. There are greater things out there in the world. Derry New Hampshire treatment facilities are here to help you realize this again while assisting you threw the recovery process. You will enter into a detoxification process to rid your body of any drugs, then group and individual counseling to get to the rout cause of the addiction as well as teach you the skills you need to remain clean after leaving the program. Do not wait any longer, contact a Derry New Hampshire treatment facility today.