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Drug Rehab Programs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire rates of dependence or abuse of drugs have consistently remain very high, especially among individuals age 18 to 25 and 12-17. According to the 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and health rates for those age groups are among the highest in the country. Both cocaine and heroin are readily available, and recent reports indicate that methamphetamine use is rapidly increasing. Marijuana continues to be widely available and abuse throughout the state of New Hampshire. Among teenagers and young adults club drugs such as ecstasy are widely available. Additional data from the NSDUH indicates approximately 32,000 New Hampshire citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year, approximately 21,000 reported past year illicit drug dependence, another 28,000 reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the last year.

Cocaine Abuse is Filling Both the Jails & Rehabs in New Hampshire

Cocaine in both powder and crack form has remained available throughout New Hampshire. Recent investigations have also shown an increase in availability. Dominican drug trafficking organizations dominate the majority of the cocaine present in New Hampshire. More than 40% of Federal drug offenses involved crack cocaine during 2006.

Heroin is Accounting for an Average of 10% of Rehab Admissions

Heroin remains readily available and widely abused. Similar to cocaine, heroin availability has increased in different areas of the state. Heroin accounted for more than 1 out of 10 drug rehab program admissions in 2006.

Methamphetamine Abuse is Growing Rapidly Throughout NH

There has been a rapid growth in the availability and use of methamphetamine throughout New Hampshire. The majority of the meth in New Hampshire is believed to have originated in Mexico. New Hampshire authorities reported 2 methamphetamine laboratory incidents during 2006.

Majority of New Hampshire Youth Report Using Marijuana

Throughout the state of New Hampshire marijuana remains widely available and the primary drug of choice. The majority of the marijuana available originates in Mexico, and there has also been an increase of marijuana from Canada available within New Hampshire. More than 50% of high school juniors and seniors reported using marijuana at least once in their lifetime. During 2006, New Hampshire authorities eradicated and seized more than 11,000 marijuana plants.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs Remain Popular

The availability of club drugs remain stable, with many teenagers and young adults using ecstasy. The majority of the ecstasy is found in nightclubs and on college campuses. Ecstasy in New Hampshire is known to come from New York, NY.